22 May 2008


Thank you

To Elisson for posting "Awkward times" when I could not.

To Guyk for "Hey Y'all!" and "Hope He Ain't Got Et "
They are both real friends, officers's and gentlemen.

We must not be shy to give appropriate thanks to Bane, as he in his own shy, how will people percieve this?, unsecure and seductive way he not only scared myself but allso scared Goldbloom in Froth's comments. Asshole.

I am planning a new post on "Real Men do what the Fuck they want" and "Conservatives are Gentlemen"

Please help me out with real life ideas.

I have stopped shaking now.

And I cannot forget to thank Mr. Sir.Officer and GENTLEMAN, Mostly Cajun for the link to Awkward times .
Yet although we live 9000 miles apart, we could be brothers. Love Ya Bro.

There is hope for ANYBODY, Tanker started as a crew in a tank, the lowest possible beginning in all off military life. {You could go lower and enlist as a Marine or a Infantryman, but your chances of survivall also goes down}.
And now he is beloved by the whole world and He’s a decent sort and a true man.
Thank You Dale.
And a thank you to Maeve for leaving me with a half tot in the last bottle of whisk, had to drive 345 km to the closest bottle store.


Sorry Kees!
It was hot and I was really, really thristy!
Maeve Homepage 05.24.08 - 6:14 am #

Frothbitch, whom I do not like, deleted my one comment.
Screw her.
Bane Homepage 05.24.08 - 3:49 am #

Welcome back, Keesie!
Kim Homepage 05.23.08 - 8:53 pm #

My pleasure to be of cervix.
Elisson Homepage 05.23.08 - 8:14 pm #

Yes what GuyK said...PLEASE!
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.23.08 - 6:35 pm #

I have an idea your loyal fans would like to know what in the hell you were doing in the bush?
GUYK Homepage 05.23.08 - 1:48 am #

Real Men do what the Fuck they wantGo here for one fine, fine example of that! Omnibus Driver Homepage 05.23.08 - 12:39 am #

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