19 May 2008


Hey Y'all!

Old Kees gave me the keys to his place and said to help myself to the liquor..now that is a real friend..he knows I don't touch the stuff..and I may have to bring some of my own coffee..if I can find the coffee pot..wait..Kees is one of them great white hunter guys and they just boil that coffee in a can on a fire..works for me.

Kees allowed he was some 1500 Ks from the end of the last paved road out there somewhere in the DRC..I had to google DRC just to see where in hell it was at..folks that be the CONGO! It wasn't all that many years ago when people were eating other people there..and I don't mean in that bibilcal sense..

Ole Kees didn't say if he was off on a safari thing or if he wuz workin'..I hope it is the former. I hear tell what work in a four letter word..kinda like cussin'..even in Africa.

I have to tell you, I have a lot of respect for Keekennis. Living in Arica nowadays under the mostly socialist governments has to be a challenge...but Kees says he has lots of money for bribes and a big gun..I understand. That is about what it takes to do business in the USA nowadays..and will probably get worse next year after Hassan Obama gets elected. Kinda figure Obama is gonna try to pattern the USA government after Zambawi..

I don't quite understand what it is about where Kees says he be at..allows he can get e-mail bot can't get on his blog...now is this because of no internet...? Or is it because of the politics of the DRC...I suspect the latter..

Anyhow, hope you shoot something big..with four legs..Kees. Let me know when you are coming home and I'll put clean sheets on the bed and tell the help to come back...they may not...I gave them the keys to the liquor cabinet..oh, and I left a can of Maxwell House..your jumpstart just don't have no jump to it..

This be GUYK standing in for Keeskennis while he is in the bush chasing native girls.


Hey! See if you can steal that monkey while you are there.
Rex Homepage 05.21.08 - 5:55 pm #

naaa, MsGoldbloom..back when I was younger I drank enough for two lifetimes..I gave it up before it killed me about 16 years or so ago..me and sweetthing talk about our lives before and after..before I quit drinking and afterwards..been a lot happier afterwards
GUYK Homepage 05.20.08 - 11:59 pm #

Guyk...did you put some of that booze in your jumpstart?
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.20.08 - 9:39 pm #

Hey, since you don't drink, I'll be more then happy to help out with Keesie's booze supply.
Maeve Homepage 05.20.08 - 6:32 am #

beats hell out of me..I ain't the one chasing around in the bush..not at my age
GUYK Homepage 05.20.08 - 2:54 am #

I know it's been awhile since I chased after girls butI seem to recall the bush part came after the chasin"Maybe they do it differently in Africa?
maxx Homepage 05.20.08 - 1:48 am #

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