29 May 2008


Socialist heaven

The best of Westminster

"From everybody what that can give, to everybody that what they need. "
I am fucking tired off pulling, not for those that can't, but for those that won't.
Guyk can write in Redneck and translate into English for those that do not understand.


Hey that guy looks like he just did a "got milk" commercial.

Hey this post reminds me of an old saying "if you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch"

MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.30.08 - 6:34 pm #

yep, there is always at least one dawg in the pack what won't hunt..best thing to do is just shoot it and feed it to the rest before it winds up eating the pack

GUYK Homepage 05.30.08 - 12:35 am #

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