22 May 2008



Josef: "Haai Boss dere is a message for you comin oder de air!"
KK: "Translate it for me please Joseph"
Boom Bom bim bim boom dom boom
Josef:"He says, I am da big fat Guy wif da beard and I is wollied that you'se are OK"
Josef: "Boss why he speak so funny?"
KK: "Beats me Josef, but thanks for the messsage. Please send back that I am OK and will be posting soon"
Josef: "Aaah, dis posting that if you don' do it you you start shaking"
KK: "Just send the message and bring the bottle"
Josef: "Ok Boss"
Boom Bom bim bim boom dom boom


I got the message.. sumbitch sent it at midnight though and woke up all the gotdam treerats..
I am glad you ain't got et.. yet
GUYK Homepage 05.22.08 - 9:13 pm #

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