30 May 2008


Redneck ad

No real or imaginary R e d n e c k s w e r e h a r m e d i n t h e making of this ad, except in the linking, but then they all look the same to me.
I can't possibly link Bane as his ego will suffer too much, so forget that, and of course he never sucks, so forget that.
Dax is also on a low priority linkage as he is busy being edjumacated, so forget that.
Yabu and Vman would have been great to link to, but they ceased to excist, so forget that, or in the latter, he just Keyed out, so forget that.
Tell me if I did not link you and you want to be linked, as you suck real good, OK.
.... rock on, big man..... proud to be part of The Redneck Nation.....
Eric Homepage 06.02.08 - 9:02 pm #

All those links!!!! You have the patience of Job. Thanks, Kees.
Jim - PRS Homepage 06.01.08 - 4:40 am #

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