02 May 2007


A work in progress

The Cat's Mother is a genius.

When we moved to Solwezi in Zambia we were lucky to find a new house to rent.
I say new, although it was built to other standards that what I am used too.
So after the house have been fixed The Cat's Mother turned her attention to the garden.

What garden, you may ask.

None excisted and the ground was cleared of all trees and shrubs.

This clearing is standard to lessen the chances of snakebites.

Enter Sam under the guidance of TCM.

Planning and basic shaping soon commenced.

Some detail emerged.

Sam and Chalwe both pitched in and hard work ensued.

Of course the cats helped a lot as well.

And the chickens.

Slowly the whole thing is taking shape.

We added a patio with the only material available, shade is shade.

The house is facing the wrong way so we are developing a patch at the backdoor, as that is the only spot where we can get some privacy.

Sitting on the patio and looking out at the new garden you see a minature Rift Valley and a meandering river and lakes.

The stone chip is bought roadside where the locals are breaking it by hand as there is no commercial crushing plant in this vicinity.

Commercial plants are scarce and you have to make do with what you can find.

It is looking super allready allthough there is a way to go yet.

More progress pictures to follow next week.




Keesie, The Cat's Mother in the pictures looks like a goddess surveying her kingdom.

k Homepage 05.06.07 - 3:58 am #
As my neice says "Coolbeans"! That is going to be stunning when all the plants establish.

RobC Homepage 05.06.07 - 12:29 am #

Just stunning Keesie & Cat's mum!

Maeve Homepage 05.05.07 - 6:14 am #
OH, that's wonderful! I think I'd adore The Cat's Mother.How very extraordinary.

k Homepage 05.05.07 - 3:37 am #
What a beautiful outgrowth of you both. It's a work of art really.

Kim Homepage 05.04.07 - 5:56 am #


wow...lots of hard work, but beautiful results!

Jean Homepage 05.04.07 - 2:31 am #


Kees, you've made me homesick for Africa! I did what you've done in both Kenya & Malawi - started a garden from just a bare spot of land. It's looking good & may you & TCM get heaps of pleasure out of it

Jayne Homepage 05.03.07 - 10:25 pm #


TCM is great, give her a little more time and she will have the whole country whipped into shape.

Rex Homepage 05.03.07 - 2:38 am #

What incredibly hard work you've done there. You've got to be tenacious to keep a garden like that growing. I like your little Rift Valley.

Bonita Homepage 05.02.07 - 7:06 pm #


lookin' good..but didn't you say it wuz a rental? I hope it is a long term lease because that is a lot of work to do on someone else's property

GUYK Homepage 05.02.07 - 7:03 pm #


Great job with the landscaping, I can already tell it's going to be gorgeous!MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.02.07 - 4:40 pm #

.KK: Yes Mrs GB, TCM did this proffesionaly until I dragged her into the bush.

Very cool, or should I say hot?What are you growing?Sam Homepage 05.02.07 - 4:02 pm #

. KK: Sam we are growing lots of nice plants with horrible latin names, TCM knows them all.

Beautiful job, but it DOES look like a ton of work. Gardening is not for me even though hubby is a farmer!

Chickie Homepage 05.02.07 - 2:54 pm #
Hi Keesie, The garden is looking awesome. Missing you guys stax! Please send loads of love and light to TCM!!!!

Melissa 05.02.07 - 2:38 pm #


how beautiful!

holder Homepage 05.02.07 - 2:00 pm #


That's an interesting house. When I lived in Solwezi, we were in the (then new) H-shaped government houses - face brick, high front verandah - bedrooms and bathroom in one leg of the H, kitchen, dining room in the other leg, and the crosspiece being the lounge/living room.Wonder whether they're still habitable.

Oubaas 05.02.07 - 1:43 pm #


KK: Oubaas, I have seen some but they are very dilapidated, as are most houses in Solwezi. It is truly amazing what socialism does to a place.

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