28 June 2008


Search "Goodness"

Go to Yahoo and search for " me 2 u bears "

It is so cute that I made it into a slideshow for u.

Small things amuses small minds but I cracked up over this.

The searcher did stay for 20 minutes though.

The odd bear out was first posted here by The Corruptor Of Small Minds

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25 June 2008


Full of shit


Eric's Comment that ".... African chickens must kick some serious ass....", altough taken out of context and mistaking "chickens" for "chicks", made me think of the picture below.

The T shirt off course reads "FULL OF SHIT"

Pretty but then you can she that she is.

It is a strand of her dental floss in the foreground.


... I definitely need a shirt like that....

Eric Homepage 06.25.08 - 10:26 pm #

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16 June 2008


The Silverbacks

Go and check out the rest

Nice crotch rocket
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 06.24.08 - 11:11 pm #

Nice V-twin
Jayne Homepage 06.18.08 - 5:48 pm #

Thanks...appreciate the plug!
Mushy Homepage 06.17.08 - 4:46 am #

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Thot sow

blog readability test

TV Reviews


yep so is mine..but then I write to the intelligence of my readers...most of who are proud to have completed the second grade..then had to quit school and go to work to support their kids

GUYK Homepage 06.17.08 - 4:19 pm #

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15 June 2008


A crown is lost

Drunkedness and hilarity abounds.
The Queen of England is safe.
All I did was eat some chicken.

.... you handsome devil... never heard of anyone having their teeth knocked out by a chicken though..... wow.... African chickens must kick some serious ass....
Eric Homepage 06.19.08 - 4:28 pm #

In further news, Kees auditions for a part in Deliverance II.
BobG Homepage 06.17.08 - 6:07 pm #

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14 June 2008


Holliday snaps

Sussi & Chuma Lodge



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For Eric

The Catsmother has just recieved the news that booze is inclusive

The rooms were great the food was exceptional the booze is included in your room price.
The staff was fab.

As usual, stunning pictures! The hotel would go bankrupt if I were there! Glad you both had a nice time.
Maeve Homepage 06.15.08 - 11:24 pm #

I am so jealous. This looks totally wonderful.
Kim Homepage 06.15.08 - 2:10 am #

Becky Homepage 06.14.08 - 8:57 pm #

Looks like a helluva nice place, and I like the way you have nature all around.
BobG Homepage 06.14.08 - 6:14 pm #

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10 June 2008


This one got away

She has talked another Keesie.

Into Marying her.

But this one got away.
Bugger off!

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Make like Hanibal


Oh dear. Our little pissant hikes not only pale, but disappear against what you guys do. Isn't there some sort of bravery involved?These are awesome pictures.

Kim Homepage 06.15.08 - 2:13 am #

As usual, breath taking photos Kees.

Maeve Homepage 06.11.08 - 7:08 am #

So jealous...I need to visit you in Africa (once malaria becomes one of those diseases that people don't get anymore) so's I can play with some elephants. They are precious beasts.

Erica Homepage 06.10.08 - 2:09 pm #

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09 June 2008


Not with a Whimper but a BANG


Incredible! I feel all wet now...

Winston Homepage 06.12.08 - 3:14 pm #

Ruved the pics looong time!

Great Reader KIM Jong ILPyongYang, Koweefornia 90210jihadgene Homepage 06.12.08 - 12:53 am #

Now I like THAT! I bet the fishing is good down stream a bit from there..all that fresh water bringing the bait down it has to be good fishin'

GUYK Homepage 06.11.08 - 3:58 pm #

... breathtaking.... I swear, I will go there before I check out..... I swear....

Eric Homepage 06.11.08 - 3:12 pm #

I have goose bumps.

Maeve Homepage 06.11.08 - 7:09 am #

Wow, what an incredible sight Victoria Falls is!

Mike LaRoche Homepage 06.10.08 - 11:01 am #

You do one heck of a vacation, old friend!


mostly cajun Homepage 06.10.08 - 5:14 am #

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08 June 2008


A Goldbloom inspired post

Go and give MsGoldbloom a hug, she is very strong but even strong peeps need a hug now and again.
Whenever she escaped Her padded cell and got access to the internet, it was funny.
Hurt turned to silence and that was not funny.

A note to who used to be my favourite Mrs: Not that you need advice, mind you. But not all monkeys are looking for nuts!. It will make you giggle as I promised.
Bless you and Jose.
LOL...stop monkeying around kees!
Thanks for the post, Jose and I are doing well through this whole thing. It is quite emotional but we are tough...we will get through this with our sanity, however Jose may lose his nuts!
MsGoldbloom Homepage 06.09.08 - 5:23 pm #

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07 June 2008


Miss Sassie in Africa

All animal lovers will see Miss Sassie Poodle in an instant, all others should take a step back and the another and then another until you disapear in the distance.
Eric, here is your dog, you dog.
Maeve, why do you think I spotted the dog, it was the drinks that I had for you.
BobG, I am.
MissGoldFlower, I presume, right in the middle of Livingstone country, plant some seeds.
Miss Sassie is off course checking for smaller hippos in the Zambezi.

Dogs (and whiskey) Rule.
Maeve Homepage 06.11.08 - 7:13 am #

Whoa...trippy. That looks just like the hook rug dog my Mom made me when I was a baby.
Erica Homepage 06.08.08 - 10:55 pm #

Yep..does look like the old gal
GUYK Homepage 06.08.08 - 6:01 pm #

Why, yes! THere she is! That was fun, kinda like cloud-watching.:o).
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 06.08.08 - 5:51 pm #

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04 June 2008



The Cat's Mother and I will be relaxing at the Victoria falls for the next 6 days.
Photos to follow as and when I have internets.


... you dog..... have a great time.... we just booked Alsace for September......
Eric Homepage 06.07.08 - 2:19 pm #

Have a good time and more then a few drinks for me!
Maeve Homepage 06.06.08 - 11:34 pm #

Have a good time.
BobG Homepage 06.04.08 - 5:34 pm #

What another vacation? What are we supposed to do now???
MsGoldbloom Homepage 06.04.08 - 3:53 pm #

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01 June 2008



The peeps portrayed her are 60 years or older now.
This blog gets 40% of its traffic from people, (perverts like me?) and other normal perverts that search for images like:

1383 7.81% ass
1204 6.80% licking
585 3.31% albino
474 2.68% lion
402 2.27% lions
322 1.82% white
287 1.62% naked
276 1.56% animal
259 1.46% elephant
196 1.11% nude
189 1.07% the
150 0.85% underwater

On the "ass" and "licking" I tip my hat to The Hippy Redneck that was never a Hippy for his comment as shown below.

I leave you with a beach scene.

Also visit Naked skiing, Not Photoshopped, Missing wife, Grandads Barbeque, How many, You have to be this tall, The force did it, Walking the dog and Real men eat beef.

Is this called ass licking? If so, I want to be the licker.

The "nude" and "underwater" actually leads peeps to this:

Nude girl swimming under water

And I laff and laff everytime a peep clicks on that, I hope they laff and laff as well.
So I labelled the girls dancing picture "taller" to screen out the real perverts. Why can't we just shoot them?
Conditions and bag limits apply. Why?.


I love the nude girl swimming under water pic...LOL I can just imagine the angst when the ol pervs click on that link. Keesie you should be ashamed for messing with ones sex life that way!

MsGoldbloom Homepage 06.02.08 - 8:24 pm #

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Let's laugh at others

It is easier than laughing at ourselves, by far.
I have seen better faceplants than that.
Metaphorically speaking I have had faceplants where my eyeteeth gouged furrows in the tarmac.
Somebody very wise said "The measure of a man is not how many times he falls, but how many times he gets up", it must have been me as goooogle shows no other.
Google does allow this.
"He will tell you South Africans are lazy. They get up and start drinking beer. .."
That is not true, real men drink Brandy.
Note that I do not contest the writers view that they are lazy.

Very smart for an "Old Toppie" Stu.
keeskennis Homepage 06.02.08 - 6:50 pm #

"The measure of a man is not how many times he falls, but how many times he gets up"Quotation error : the word IT is missing between 'gets' and 'up'
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 06.02.08 - 3:16 pm #

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