08 June 2008


A Goldbloom inspired post

Go and give MsGoldbloom a hug, she is very strong but even strong peeps need a hug now and again.
Whenever she escaped Her padded cell and got access to the internet, it was funny.
Hurt turned to silence and that was not funny.

A note to who used to be my favourite Mrs: Not that you need advice, mind you. But not all monkeys are looking for nuts!. It will make you giggle as I promised.
Bless you and Jose.
LOL...stop monkeying around kees!
Thanks for the post, Jose and I are doing well through this whole thing. It is quite emotional but we are tough...we will get through this with our sanity, however Jose may lose his nuts!
MsGoldbloom Homepage 06.09.08 - 5:23 pm #

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