01 June 2008



The peeps portrayed her are 60 years or older now.
This blog gets 40% of its traffic from people, (perverts like me?) and other normal perverts that search for images like:

1383 7.81% ass
1204 6.80% licking
585 3.31% albino
474 2.68% lion
402 2.27% lions
322 1.82% white
287 1.62% naked
276 1.56% animal
259 1.46% elephant
196 1.11% nude
189 1.07% the
150 0.85% underwater

On the "ass" and "licking" I tip my hat to The Hippy Redneck that was never a Hippy for his comment as shown below.

I leave you with a beach scene.

Also visit Naked skiing, Not Photoshopped, Missing wife, Grandads Barbeque, How many, You have to be this tall, The force did it, Walking the dog and Real men eat beef.

Is this called ass licking? If so, I want to be the licker.

The "nude" and "underwater" actually leads peeps to this:

Nude girl swimming under water

And I laff and laff everytime a peep clicks on that, I hope they laff and laff as well.
So I labelled the girls dancing picture "taller" to screen out the real perverts. Why can't we just shoot them?
Conditions and bag limits apply. Why?.


I love the nude girl swimming under water pic...LOL I can just imagine the angst when the ol pervs click on that link. Keesie you should be ashamed for messing with ones sex life that way!

MsGoldbloom Homepage 06.02.08 - 8:24 pm #

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