07 June 2008


Miss Sassie in Africa

All animal lovers will see Miss Sassie Poodle in an instant, all others should take a step back and the another and then another until you disapear in the distance.
Eric, here is your dog, you dog.
Maeve, why do you think I spotted the dog, it was the drinks that I had for you.
BobG, I am.
MissGoldFlower, I presume, right in the middle of Livingstone country, plant some seeds.
Miss Sassie is off course checking for smaller hippos in the Zambezi.

Dogs (and whiskey) Rule.
Maeve Homepage 06.11.08 - 7:13 am #

Whoa...trippy. That looks just like the hook rug dog my Mom made me when I was a baby.
Erica Homepage 06.08.08 - 10:55 pm #

Yep..does look like the old gal
GUYK Homepage 06.08.08 - 6:01 pm #

Why, yes! THere she is! That was fun, kinda like cloud-watching.:o).
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 06.08.08 - 5:51 pm #

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