31 March 2009


Pyongyang duck - a recipe

Pyongyang duck - a recipe
Heat to about 14,000 centigrade and then add about 2,000 ducks.
No need to defeather or to bother about the entrails or feet.
Revisit in about twenty years, should be done by then.

Careful with the salt though.

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30 March 2009


Obama fired on one cylinder at last

He fired the CEO of GM who wasn't firing anybody at all.
He, the CEO, should have been firing the UAWU, big time, but he stayed... maybe to employ his second wife's second cousin's second cousin (ad nauseum) and was 'Wagoning on' about the real issues...
But he shouldn't have been fired by the POTUS.
The USA is SO screwed.
Stalin and Mussolini are turning in their graves, green with envy.

Sela, Or, Ouch

Specificaly I would like some feedback as far as 'Wagoning' is a new word or verb or what?

cOMRADE  i C u an onli U

yep. We are screwed, But so far the emperor hasn't come after my guns...don't think he is ready for a revolution just yet

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Heroes - The real Mcoy?

When last were you called a hero?
I don't mean that whisper at 3 in the morning that says " You are my hero, you f*cked me in more ways than the previous (4) (16) (79) , men could manage" type.
I am asking if you have been called a "Hero?"
Whether you deserve that or not.

The story:

A friend, let's call him M as he knows who he is but you don't have to, and I planned to spend an afternoon training at a particular spot to climb up some rocks.
As we were very much in the end lot of "New Exciting Young Mountain Climbers" we found the route littered with pittons and other extra mechanical holds. We gave it up as a bad job and packed our gear and retired to the beach for a braai (that is BBQ for you folks in the US).
We had Cabernet Sauvignon (plenty) and "Karoo Lamb Chops".
Now CS can be found around the world, but KLC is so delicious it is reserved for locals.
But I digress.
On our way back to Cape Town we had to stop at a bridge over a small river as the road was blocked by traffic.
We parked and walked towards the bridge.

A woman and her 8 year old daughter had walked up a river estuary from the beach for a picnic and, despite numerous signs warning her of the tides, was now trapped by the tide against a rockface, with her kid.
The only problem was the depth of the water and of course the surges of the tidal flow.
The sea was calm, but by the time a rescue craft would arrive from the nearest NSRI station they would be floaters.

The NON hero PRE action
The silly woman was almost bombarded to death by people throwing floatation devices at her.
I asked the very flustered, stressed out, off duty cop, who appeared to be in charge to ask them to stop.
In the meanwhile M has gone back to the car to fetch our rock climbing kit.

The NON hero action

We tied the main rope to the bridge and M slid down first.
He calmed Ms Trapped and I followed and collected the kid.
It was no more than 4 meters and we did it with standard rock climbing gear and "Cabernet Sauvignon"

End of story.

We were hailed as heroes by the local newspaper, WTF.
All Hail to "CS"

Calm decisive action and a little CS.

Great story!


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28 March 2009


Rex finaly gets a deer

KK: Well Rex you sure have one at last, but the season is long over, what do you say?
Rex: You see, actualy after 600 rounds at the range and 45 rounds that missed and a brother that got 3 and all the endless taunting I just clutched down an accelerated and finaly bagged one.
KK: Out of season?
Rex: Season Scheason.
KK: Schmeashon.


Looks like the car got the ass end of that deal.

Gravatarforget all that, look at the antlers on my monster buck!

Gravatarand all that salami!

GravatarThat's one L of a header today 

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HTML - explained

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27 March 2009


How Many ????

How many guns are enough?

Stu asks me in an email.

I would appreciate your feedback on http://www.savory.de/blog_mar_09.htm#20090327


Ole Phat Stu


This is my reply.

Hi Stu,


I had twelve firearms in SA up to the moment the SA1994 government told me that they want to take my licenses away. Up to that point none of my arms have been used for anything but hunting. So for 14 years I have had 4 pieces of personal arms that had no job. So I left them in the safe, or in my case under the bed and in the roof of my garage.

In 1997 a friend of mine left these shores for the UK after his daughter was shot after answering a cell phone call in her car and pulling over, she died from a shot through the thigh by an "innocent" bystander, a person just walking by.

So while I was in London "somebody" 'broke' into my house and stole the lot. Shit.

So as a result of that I carry an illegal Starr (one of those that were stolen. Ex my Dad) .22 pistol semi at all times that I am in SA, I hide this from my nearest and dearest.

In 1998 the Automatic gate to my residence got stuck because "somebody" put a 2 inch log across the track: I fired 2 shots into the night sky and heard the shits running away, then cleared the log and parked, safely inside the gate.

I Zambia I carry no firearms as there is no threat, none at all.

In the DRC I have an illegal Glock in .45 : As I enter this country from two points and do not have access to the Glock when I fly in from Ndola, I have a 4 inch switch blade in two pieces that seems to foil all airport scans over here.

I have two pieces in the UK: One that I pick up at entry, a 1956 Luger that I last fired at a range with 1940 ammo, and it worked fine, in 1997, but I have it available at all times.

The second piece is in London, but so far I have not accessed it except to see if it is there.

The rest of my "stolen" arms reside in Tanzania and the USA, quite legally, thank you.

I have "concealed carry" permits in 3 states in the USA, two of them have since gone to "Will Issue" so I will always have an unnecessary big Berretta or something that I do not own there yet as yet to carry around.

The last time I visited Germany and France was on separate visas. Yes that long ago.

Generally I am a face looking for a fist to meet, so I have felt no need to travel all that way to meet a "youth" to kill because he wants to burn my car. I can do it cheaper almost everywhere. So no guns in Germany or France, and none of my tourist dollars either.

Outside Barcelona however I have inside the family vault of about 1193 firearms (this might be 2293 pieces) dating back to 1863 or most probably much earlier, a cache of arms that I can draw on. But once again the need is minimal over there. But once I reach the farm I am well armed.

So to answer your question: 18 is not enough. Not even close.

My kids  have had access to  more than 69 open ( 4 families times 16 pieces and some more) family arms and they yet have to go and shoot anybody.

Listening to the Amercan media, though, I can go and gt my own pieces back at vastly reduced prices as I get closer to Mexico. Ole',





Nic S



I will post your post and my answer on Keeskennis

And that : Triumph Street Triple : Makes me look old : You shit :

I do think that this is a media scam
You shit!


Damn, Kees; the more I read about you the more I'd like to tip a couple with you. If you ever had to leave your beloved Africa, you would fit in just fine here in the western US.

GravatarI know I told GuyK yhat I would visit this year but life 101 got in the way.
But 2010 looks like my US year, before I get to grumpy

Gravatar.... sweet.... you'd better drop by Tennessee.....

GravatarI suppose a shotgun and a .22 rifle should be in every home. A good semi auto rifle of decent caliber to reach out with is surley nice. Pistols of various sizes depending on your own preferences and what you can reasonably conceal on your body frame seem reasonable to me as well.
You want numbers?
Perhaps as many as you can afford is the right number. Any more would be too much.

KK: MaXX wins this one, guns down 

"As many as you can afford is the right number. Any more would be too much.", 

just steals my heart, call me weak if you will, a man.

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25 March 2009


A correction

He wrote


Guys like KeesKennis can post all the pictures he likes - cute, loathsome, or in between - of alla them African animals. And you can spend hours going clicky-click on the links at the Modulator’s Friday Ark.

But nobody tells it like it is in the Fauna-Verse quite like 
this site.

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Elder Daughter for the link.]


He meant


Super Guys like KeesKennis can post all the pictures he likes - Superb, heavenly, cute, loathsome, or in between - of alla them African animals, and then so much more. And you can spend hours going clicky-click on the links at the Modulator’s Friday Ark.

But nobody tells it like it is in the Fauna-Verse quite like 
this site.

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Elder Daughter for the link.]


And he is misinformed, out off line, stupid, dishonest, uninformed but mostly correct, alas.

I do find the Fuck You Penguin site, very intelectual (in an engineering sort of way)  and amusing.

Round is a shape, my docter said.

Psst, I am planning to silently take out my neieghbour's dog with a shovel, don't tell a soul, I am just waiting for 2 AM, and then I will go to bed.


when you are done with your neighbor's dog, come over and take care of mine.
Ugh, I HATE yappy dogs.

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Innocent searches

Why can't they use their own vitriol and bile and misconception, why must they use mine?

Fucking poops
Further suggestions

Search for " big life" and you end up with "elisson" no doubt, and it will be true.
Search for " big wanker" and you end up with "Vman" no doubt, and it will be true.
Search for " straight" and you end up with "white guy" no doubt, and it will be true,
Search for " straight shooter" and you end up with "rex"  no doubt, and it will be true,

Is there nobody that can design an intelligent search engine?
"nude mother swimming" = WTF.

My tax dollars that I have not paid appears to have been wasted, alas.
I must be a democrat with a high possi in yhe Obama administration, Ouch.
I do not have to fear the "machine" just yet.


... bhwahhaaha.... that sounds about right.....

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24 March 2009


English - She is ruuules - Past tense

Now that Twenty is Past Tense, so to speak, an educational post and my brilliant remark, uncut.

Well what would you change?

English is a weakly inflected language, whereas German is/can be strongly inflected , e.g. for the past imperfect and subjunctive (conditional) forms.

In practice, when you use the strong forms, people look at you strangely because they are not used to it. Although the national authors Goethe, Schiller etc used the strong forms often, nowadays people almost always use the weak form - indeed the past perfect - and decline the subjunctive with 'help' verbs as English does :-(

This aside, I would be satisfied if Americans would revert to appending the LY when using adverbs. Or indeed stop 'verbing' nouns!

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It took a lot of muscle co's you can't outgun the Blob, never.
But I finaly WON with this

Thank you Captain Blob (356)

I do believe this post is worth at least another two wins.

You are now: Commandant Blob (385)

Hey, did he supply the picture? ----- Yebo

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The Bus

What? You forgot me? I'm devastated.

KK: Hi I am KK, I believe that you are driving us all over the US.
Ed: Ok, Ok, she did not say Fuck, OK.
KK: I believe that you have orginised lots of parties and drunken scenes over all 57 states.
Ed: Ditto
KK: I believe you has a bus that has it own shootin' range at da back. dat is zo amazing.
Ed: Da fuckin' same as da above, fuck.
KK: Hey you are very cute, where is da next truck stop.
L: F*ck Off.
Ed: Yeah she said that.
KK: I don't think I like this Ed guy, but I do like Leslie, and she can drive, oh boy, can she drive.

************* Your say.


Who the hell is Ed? (And yes, I did say "WTF"!

GravatarLeslie is my favorite short bus driver and Keesie is my favorite window licker of said short bus.

KK: Ed as in Editor, maybe

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Performing Donkeys

Or you can bring a horse to a lion fight.





Strange horse that, in the after shots, I mean.

GravatarI thought only the French ate horses..

The bottom one does look like a wildebeast though.

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23 March 2009


Swallow or spit

I would bet my foreskin that he missed.

Am I ashamed of this conduct? Of course I am, but then I do not putt not so well.
Read the man, and listen and learn.

One time I was playing a game of cut throat with a couple of guys at the billiard hall to see who would pay the beer tab.

One of the guys pulled out his nut sac and put it into the corner pocket just as I was drawing back my cue. He was thinking that would prevent me from sinking my last ball.

I hit that sucker full force like I was doing the break..he didn't get his nuts out in time, the brainiac was on the floor of the pool hall rolling around holding his battered bean bag.

The cue ball bounced off his scrotum and flew off the table so I had to buy the beer.

I still think I came out ahead on that game.

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Cos I want to

Hi, to my very favourite witch.
You and Steve just keep on looking after Puddin', OK.
Love you both.

BTW Lisa-Chickie or whatever she calls herself now said you should have this photoshop on your site. I am sure she would help you do do just that.
Haaai Lisa.

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22 March 2009


Last free days of "Pissing In The Garden"

As the rainy "Wet" season come to a close in the next 14 days or so, I am slowly coming to terms that I cannot piss in the garden anymore as the rains will stop shortly.
The stench won't be washed away everyday, bummer.
I will have to go inside and use the white jobby.
Sitting down to pee is a pain.
And yes, like Vman, I sit down so as to not sprinkle my legs and feet.
On or "with" the "other hand" I am not what Vman calls "the Nub" but then here in Africa we have to have special solutions, "we Tragically Gifted Few" use this here at the Casa de Keesie, when we are not sitting down.

I discuss this design here

Very nice, Keesie! Helps with aim, too, don't it?

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