27 March 2009


How Many ????

How many guns are enough?

Stu asks me in an email.

I would appreciate your feedback on http://www.savory.de/blog_mar_09.htm#20090327


Ole Phat Stu


This is my reply.

Hi Stu,


I had twelve firearms in SA up to the moment the SA1994 government told me that they want to take my licenses away. Up to that point none of my arms have been used for anything but hunting. So for 14 years I have had 4 pieces of personal arms that had no job. So I left them in the safe, or in my case under the bed and in the roof of my garage.

In 1997 a friend of mine left these shores for the UK after his daughter was shot after answering a cell phone call in her car and pulling over, she died from a shot through the thigh by an "innocent" bystander, a person just walking by.

So while I was in London "somebody" 'broke' into my house and stole the lot. Shit.

So as a result of that I carry an illegal Starr (one of those that were stolen. Ex my Dad) .22 pistol semi at all times that I am in SA, I hide this from my nearest and dearest.

In 1998 the Automatic gate to my residence got stuck because "somebody" put a 2 inch log across the track: I fired 2 shots into the night sky and heard the shits running away, then cleared the log and parked, safely inside the gate.

I Zambia I carry no firearms as there is no threat, none at all.

In the DRC I have an illegal Glock in .45 : As I enter this country from two points and do not have access to the Glock when I fly in from Ndola, I have a 4 inch switch blade in two pieces that seems to foil all airport scans over here.

I have two pieces in the UK: One that I pick up at entry, a 1956 Luger that I last fired at a range with 1940 ammo, and it worked fine, in 1997, but I have it available at all times.

The second piece is in London, but so far I have not accessed it except to see if it is there.

The rest of my "stolen" arms reside in Tanzania and the USA, quite legally, thank you.

I have "concealed carry" permits in 3 states in the USA, two of them have since gone to "Will Issue" so I will always have an unnecessary big Berretta or something that I do not own there yet as yet to carry around.

The last time I visited Germany and France was on separate visas. Yes that long ago.

Generally I am a face looking for a fist to meet, so I have felt no need to travel all that way to meet a "youth" to kill because he wants to burn my car. I can do it cheaper almost everywhere. So no guns in Germany or France, and none of my tourist dollars either.

Outside Barcelona however I have inside the family vault of about 1193 firearms (this might be 2293 pieces) dating back to 1863 or most probably much earlier, a cache of arms that I can draw on. But once again the need is minimal over there. But once I reach the farm I am well armed.

So to answer your question: 18 is not enough. Not even close.

My kids  have had access to  more than 69 open ( 4 families times 16 pieces and some more) family arms and they yet have to go and shoot anybody.

Listening to the Amercan media, though, I can go and gt my own pieces back at vastly reduced prices as I get closer to Mexico. Ole',





Nic S



I will post your post and my answer on Keeskennis

And that : Triumph Street Triple : Makes me look old : You shit :

I do think that this is a media scam
You shit!


Damn, Kees; the more I read about you the more I'd like to tip a couple with you. If you ever had to leave your beloved Africa, you would fit in just fine here in the western US.

GravatarI know I told GuyK yhat I would visit this year but life 101 got in the way.
But 2010 looks like my US year, before I get to grumpy

Gravatar.... sweet.... you'd better drop by Tennessee.....

GravatarI suppose a shotgun and a .22 rifle should be in every home. A good semi auto rifle of decent caliber to reach out with is surley nice. Pistols of various sizes depending on your own preferences and what you can reasonably conceal on your body frame seem reasonable to me as well.
You want numbers?
Perhaps as many as you can afford is the right number. Any more would be too much.

KK: MaXX wins this one, guns down 

"As many as you can afford is the right number. Any more would be too much.", 

just steals my heart, call me weak if you will, a man.

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