23 March 2009


Swallow or spit

I would bet my foreskin that he missed.

Am I ashamed of this conduct? Of course I am, but then I do not putt not so well.
Read the man, and listen and learn.

One time I was playing a game of cut throat with a couple of guys at the billiard hall to see who would pay the beer tab.

One of the guys pulled out his nut sac and put it into the corner pocket just as I was drawing back my cue. He was thinking that would prevent me from sinking my last ball.

I hit that sucker full force like I was doing the break..he didn't get his nuts out in time, the brainiac was on the floor of the pool hall rolling around holding his battered bean bag.

The cue ball bounced off his scrotum and flew off the table so I had to buy the beer.

I still think I came out ahead on that game.

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