30 March 2009


Obama fired on one cylinder at last

He fired the CEO of GM who wasn't firing anybody at all.
He, the CEO, should have been firing the UAWU, big time, but he stayed... maybe to employ his second wife's second cousin's second cousin (ad nauseum) and was 'Wagoning on' about the real issues...
But he shouldn't have been fired by the POTUS.
The USA is SO screwed.
Stalin and Mussolini are turning in their graves, green with envy.

Sela, Or, Ouch

Specificaly I would like some feedback as far as 'Wagoning' is a new word or verb or what?

cOMRADE  i C u an onli U

yep. We are screwed, But so far the emperor hasn't come after my guns...don't think he is ready for a revolution just yet

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