24 March 2009


The Bus

What? You forgot me? I'm devastated.

KK: Hi I am KK, I believe that you are driving us all over the US.
Ed: Ok, Ok, she did not say Fuck, OK.
KK: I believe that you have orginised lots of parties and drunken scenes over all 57 states.
Ed: Ditto
KK: I believe you has a bus that has it own shootin' range at da back. dat is zo amazing.
Ed: Da fuckin' same as da above, fuck.
KK: Hey you are very cute, where is da next truck stop.
L: F*ck Off.
Ed: Yeah she said that.
KK: I don't think I like this Ed guy, but I do like Leslie, and she can drive, oh boy, can she drive.

************* Your say.


Who the hell is Ed? (And yes, I did say "WTF"!

GravatarLeslie is my favorite short bus driver and Keesie is my favorite window licker of said short bus.

KK: Ed as in Editor, maybe

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