24 March 2009


English - She is ruuules - Past tense

Now that Twenty is Past Tense, so to speak, an educational post and my brilliant remark, uncut.

Well what would you change?

English is a weakly inflected language, whereas German is/can be strongly inflected , e.g. for the past imperfect and subjunctive (conditional) forms.

In practice, when you use the strong forms, people look at you strangely because they are not used to it. Although the national authors Goethe, Schiller etc used the strong forms often, nowadays people almost always use the weak form - indeed the past perfect - and decline the subjunctive with 'help' verbs as English does :-(

This aside, I would be satisfied if Americans would revert to appending the LY when using adverbs. Or indeed stop 'verbing' nouns!

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