28 August 2009



A while ago I found the piccie below in the bloogsphere

I emailed the blog owner.

Hi Susan

While looking for a lost relative, I came across your post
I noticed that you did apologize to all Baboons, thank you.
However here is a tip for you.
Always use gorillas as they are even too stupid to notice.
So attached please find my rendering, using the body of my twice removed cousin Lenny.
Pardon the PS quality, the opposing thumb thing, you know.


Leader, Owner and Editor of


She emailed back:

LOLOLOL, thanks!

Now my question to you, my reader:
Was that racist towards goriilas?

Also see.


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24 August 2009


Blob used to be funny






KeesKennis wins with a Photoshop!


I sent The Cowboy the picture below

And he mocks my way of life by substituting me with this skinny old man

That is just not funny
Sorry Blob

And who has the COWBOY HAT, I ask you?

Just to show of his PS skilz



Good pshop, KK.

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23 August 2009


Country Bumpkin or City Slicker ?

Or where would you like to be?
I hereby dare you to classify your blogroll. A BRAND NEW MEME

Keeskennis is a Country Bumpkin for sure, he lives in the fucking bush and only sees "real" peeps when he travels.

Hereby I classify my selected blog roll, I ain't got all night you know :

Acidman in the SKY as a CB, I suspect that he would have liked that, but would have bitched a lot.

Jut read da man.

"Originally PUBLISHED November 8, 2003

I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Because my brother was diabetic, I grew up in a home that never had dessert with supper and candy was something you either bought with your own money or collected on Halloween. Mom and Dad never kept sweets around the house. I seldom eat sweets to this day.

But I like pecan pie."

Cos he could write!

The Senators Son as a CB with certain factor that actually makes him or it completely not.

His vocab is just too much.

His experience is too wide

His wit, whatever, is too acerbic.

He just knows too many Keys to be musical.

Guyk as CB, but only because Sweetthing says so.

He can't be cos:

He is rational.

He has a degree.

He speeks Inglish.

He admits to liking and drinking Coffee.

And "Grits"

SRF© as CB : Despite the fact that worked for IBM as a sweeper.

He actually understands HMTL, strange. or is that HTML.

He is well spoken.

He is a SRF© as likes being a SRF©.

Shlong SFW as CB

I mean nobody in a city admits being married to a "Mother Superior" do they?

He is funny and irreverent.

He can't spell, that is a clincher.

Erica as a CB despite the fact that she lives in the biggest City/Fuckup/New York/Brooklyn in the whole world.

Her heart is in the right place.

Witch as a CB as she is too sexy to live in a city.

She loves her son.

She loves her husband.

She loves horses.

She only twists her doctor’s balls/fingers into a wreck when he really get's out off hand.

She plays "Hide the Sausage"

Blob, Ferret slave as a CB.

He drives from state to state and has yet to buy any carbon credits.

He shoots guns and pistols and revolvers and other things that go bang!

Binker is cute.

Bonita as a CB cos she actually is.

Jim PRS as a CB cos he, despite being a lawyer and all is quite honest, with himself and others.

He pays $19 for a single vodka and uses no swearwords when he blogs about it, FUCK, who but a CB can do dat.

Primordial Slack - Joan of Argghh! as a CB as she just is CB, thru and thru, No question.

She bled for the Pepper dog, and I bled with her.

Elisson as a CB in spite of the fact that he is a Big Salt Mine operator and lives in a big City and that he is a Slicker.




And he can cook

He is starting to like/love guns?

He has cute/nice/good looking kids.

So he must be CB.

News on W o D - Libby as CB, she just can't get to the countryside yet.

Barber = Afrikaans for Catfish as a CB, except for the fact that he makes Country Bumpkins look like City Slickers.

Him and Rob together made a country fair look like a inner city "Fest"

What with the shooting of croc's (not that they can bite you or anything) and needless fishing.

From the Salty City - BobG as a CB, he lives in Salt Lake City, fer gods sake, that could be Morogoro in Tanzania, as far as cities go.

Misty She likes klapping peeps around the head with Swords and Clubs and she can spell, surely she can't be a CS? No she must be a CB.

Eric as a CB, despite the fact that ......

.... he writes rather eloquently.....

.... he has been to a few other countries ...

..... he likes poetry....

...... and is a Marine ...

... and is married to a Scot ....

CB all over him.

Mostly Cajun as CB cos....

He's been around a few countries.

He can spell.

He honors his past.

He is well spoken

Cujunites is CB

Dead Dog as CB as he writes too well to have grown up in a city.

Hammer as CB despite the fact that he has been to Las Vegas and the fact that he has a fucked up family, at least the ones that he blogs about.

He also writes too well to be from a city.

Stu Savory as a CB a he never became a perfessor in mathematics and :

He is logical.


Sometimes funny.

Has bulldogs.

And a wife (and she stays there, WTF)

He flies planes and ride bikes

He must be a CB

Deer Camp Blog - Editor - AKA Rex as a mystery CB/CS

He can't take joke

He can't spell

He can't shoot

He doesn't like to drink.

He deals in second hand cars.

He knows everything about property prices

He has weird dreams about animals that he would like to kill.

He does not link me enough (that goes for all of you)

He must be a City Slicker!

He actually is a honest to goodness Country Bumpkin, trust me.

Og - as a CB

He's travelled to Zambia though

And his farts stink and he is full of shit.

He is still CB.

Instapundit as a CB

Heh, Indeed

He just links to well



... hahaaha.... thanks, Keesie...... I'm like 1/2 a mile from The Cherokee National Forest...... and I'm definitely a CB....

Kees, I don't know why you think I'm obsessed with maths, I much prefer poetry, especially limericks; see :-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e...h? v=esdcaJtxFSo

KK: No Stu I like maths,. I just can't do it

sorry for not making more links to you. between drinking, cheating slickers out of their land, and cheating people in crooked car deals, I am mostly in awe of your greatness.
I will certainly get busy and it is time for a new pic for the Cheristmas Card.

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21 August 2009


The wicked have more fun

The post title is for me, not my girls

.... Ondria with an angel?..... dude, Ondria IS an angel!..... Merry Christmas!....

Eric Homepage 12.24.07 - 4:37 pm #

Ondria, Vida


000?, Ondria, Vida

Ondria during a loooong party

Vida, Ondria, 000?

000? Vida, 0000? Ondria

Ondria and Tanith

Ondria and Tanith
Sorry guys.

Ondria is getting married to Tim.

You all lost out.

Now wish ONDRIA a happy.

My dearest Ondria,
I've known you since I met and fell in love with your Mother, a mere 11 years ago, yet I love you as my own.
From a girl to a woman, I could not have asked for more.
May your love and marriage be wonderful.
And to Tim I would like to extend the best of all worlds.

Thank YOU.

All my love.


In My Cat Grand Children I boast that I am too young to have real grand children, well that might change.



GravatarHas Timothy seen the photo in your previous blog entry? :evilgrin:

.... many, many congratulations to you and yours, sir!....... it sounds like it'll be one helluva party!..

Congrats Onds and Tim,

May your days be happy and your nights be fun - Lots of love to both of you


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14 August 2009


Hangman tie

The more I look at this the more disturbing it gets.
Cool pic nonetheless

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Cute birdie


fucking snakes
hoosierboy | 08.21.09 - 3:24 pm | #

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EduCATional books

I think Elisson actually published a 100 word story about it.

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09 August 2009


Buy Vman's Book

At the very least.

You will get real class, not second hand shit that you get here.

More like this

But with a twist in the tale.

I will order mine as soon as I can contact the seller's lulu.

And by the way Vman, I have a new monkey for your "Monkey Pit"


Thanks, Keesie! And I'm pretty sure the scene from that last pic is in the book, somewhere.

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