21 August 2009


The wicked have more fun

The post title is for me, not my girls

.... Ondria with an angel?..... dude, Ondria IS an angel!..... Merry Christmas!....

Eric Homepage 12.24.07 - 4:37 pm #

Ondria, Vida


000?, Ondria, Vida

Ondria during a loooong party

Vida, Ondria, 000?

000? Vida, 0000? Ondria

Ondria and Tanith

Ondria and Tanith
Sorry guys.

Ondria is getting married to Tim.

You all lost out.

Now wish ONDRIA a happy.

My dearest Ondria,
I've known you since I met and fell in love with your Mother, a mere 11 years ago, yet I love you as my own.
From a girl to a woman, I could not have asked for more.
May your love and marriage be wonderful.
And to Tim I would like to extend the best of all worlds.

Thank YOU.

All my love.


In My Cat Grand Children I boast that I am too young to have real grand children, well that might change.



GravatarHas Timothy seen the photo in your previous blog entry? :evilgrin:

.... many, many congratulations to you and yours, sir!....... it sounds like it'll be one helluva party!..

Congrats Onds and Tim,

May your days be happy and your nights be fun - Lots of love to both of you


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