04 May 2009


16 days of R&R

I sent this email to all who have emailed me before that date

Hallo almal

Dankie vir Lana vir die spesiale foto
Gerda se "biographical relativism" soos per Carel from Gerda, comes to mind.

My en Cindy se oudste dogter, Tanith, word dertig, en sy word verloof aan Bradon (GROOT GEHEIM, STFU) en sy word 'n doktor of "er" in BIO CHEMISTRY die jaar.
Sy verjaar op die twaalfde dag van Mei 2009 maar ons beplan 'n groot parteitjie vir haar op die negende dag van Mei (die dag wat Esta 56 jaar oud sou word) om alles te vier.
Vida & Pierre en Carel & June het reeds gese (kappie?) hulle kom party.
Die res is welkom, "voluntary"
Kom asseblief of stuur groot geld asseblief.
Julle oudste boetie, en lelikste, maar met die mooiste en slimste dogters.
Kom asseblief
Nic S
AKA as Klasie or Keesie

For those with no clue:
Please come and join us with a
day of celebration as my daughter
gets engaged and turns 30 and
gets a doctorate in Bio-Chemistry,

OR send lots and lots of money

Or ask Elisson for clues

So if anybody makes it past the normal security give me an email
and come and enjoy a big party

So I might or might not dribble a bit in the next few weeks


Your Kees

WTF is that man, Klingon speak. The South Afrikaners on the rugby team speak like that, and they are some bad motherfuckers...the boys you'd want on your side in a pinch...says I. They gave me an award for matching 'em beer for beer one time...they were speaking Klingon...is all I remember as they carried me home...but I did hang all the way to the end. As I recall, the birds were chirping at the dawn. FUBAR for sure.Seriously, not that the aforementioned wasn't...Congrats to yours and you...Be cool with it.Sam Homepage 05.04.09 - 9:22 pm #

Too bad I couldn't convince Elder Daughter to go as my proxy. She just got back from a week in Jo'burg...not too far away.Congratulations to your lovely daughter - mine is turning 30 a week from today, but as yet is not engaged and has no doctorate in biochemistry - you are clearly a proud daddy, as am I!Elisson Homepage 05.04.09 - 9:33 pm #

Congratulations to your daughter and to her old man for getting it done right. Ya done good. Best to herOld Soldier Homepage 05.05.09 - 11:16 pm #

Whoot! You both must be so proud! Congradulations!Maeve Homepage 05.06.09 - 2:25 am #

Congrats, brother! Pass on to the daughter that I'm proud for her over here and I wish I could join the partyMCmostly cajun Homepage 05.06.09 - 4:22 am #

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