24 April 2009


Old pics

Me and my baby daughter Vida and Julia her first cousin
A long time ago.
Are my eyes "evil" or "enquiring" or "standard first time dad"?
Or maybe something else?
Answers required or you get busted of my sidebar.

Comments: IE: The peeps that keep their place on the sidebar

That's the sort of picture with which a dad may torture and blackmail his children well into their adulthood...

Of course, there is that counter-argument: "Gee, dad, you had HAIR, and it was dark..."


GravatarMy oldest graduates this spring. She may have forgotten some of the pics we have. The reminder will be humorous, at least to me.

I don't know Kees, you look like you know what you're doing. You're even keeping her head above water.
I'm impressed.

GravatarKicked off of your sidebar? You go too far, sir!

Many congrats on all of the happy accomplishments.


STU needs the attention of some women.

get wimmen used to being nekkid EARLY!

I hope he can cope

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