28 April 2009


WTF happened to My Republic?

I have been as productive as any American? Yet I was born in South Africa and as such I was named as a racist and all that I have achieved is down to the fact that I sucked on the non providers of this continent.


America is now where SA was. The  Unwashed, the Lefty, the Lib, the Dem, the Queer, the I Need and all of those that produce fuckall, have reached the more than fifty percent number, and they are very needy, indeed, as you have seen, how much they will take?


Too Much.


You will have to fight, in the polls, in the social services, in paying tax or not paying tax, in civil unrest and finally with guns.


So unless you keep your guns, you have fuckall chance.


Communism as proffered by BO does not have any real cost.

But in real life things are different.

You better start counting or die or the GREAT UNWASHED WILL CONSUME YOU.

 On a downward spiral, actually a line. (Down my blogroll)

G: ... Stay safe but up the usage of anti BO spray, we all have to live to tell the tale, especially if you have been burning all afternoon, and your usage of new words will be taxed at 200 % of your total income.

R: ... You are a Hoarder of precious metals Sir, you will have to give up the yield of your so called victory garden, and as a veteran you have to surrender your income to the non contributors from tomorrow.

E: ... Talk about a Cripple and you should be CORRECT, but this one is too rich, he even drives and most prabably have PAID for his BMW, sacrilige, a BO tax at 400% of the cost of not staying on two legs will be introduced.


T: ... BO and the Barn Army will meet, what is that stink?


U: ... She knows about being outnumbered, please fight back, I implore.

N: ... Even produces after surgery.

W: ... I had her as a teacher afore she was born.

A: ... ASAKAR (Actual Shooting And Killing As Required), keep on.

S: ... Love thy neighbor.


E: ... It is no wonder that he lands on the E of unwashed as it is evident that that 'e have had his            moments and tha 'e is now completely washed.

D: .... She is a welder, she ARGGHH's, doesn't she?. Come fix my BO damage please.


W: ... As long as you do not pronounce it "cooter" I will take advice, although we use that word                often enough, but keep on shooting with SWG.

          That was as funny as (a cooter) can be.

I: ... I hope your Dad can help you see the light.

L: ... Go shoot some gators and fuck the rest, I'm fine with that

L: ... Please vote against my Sis from the same Salty City.


C: ... Please gods, let him shoot straight.

O: ... I present Ms G with Mr ? with little Iwana A'll Annow.

N: ... Teach em young.

S: ... And BO came and f*cked the fish and HE fed the Many needy.

U: ... And HE was led away in handcuffs.

M: ... If he wan'ts to Tommy can kill BO.

E: ... Let us walk the walk and drive that bus.


Y: ... He will shoot straight and miss none, I hope.

O: ... Despite his name he hates Pirates, nuf said.

U: ... Fuckem All I will shoot them with my Dazzle Gun


And so we get to the end of :


I will consume the rest of my blogroll next: day: week: month: year, as I have connection.

I have also suiped up all the ice and now hate the (unwashed, the Lefty, the Lib, the Dem, the Queer, the I Need) even more.

Drink HOT Brandy you fuckers, may it burn your lips.

Kill a Communist today, it may save your soul.



Amen to everything you said.

Thanks Hammer

As I see my (teh) Dollar smashed I would like to say that I have personally accounted for some communist's, but I missed teh big ones, so sorry


yeah, you are right...the whole fucking world sees it....but the free lunch crowd in the US of A are planning on the emperor feeding them

GravatarI just hope the country can get it together before it goes down the tubes.

GravatarSorry no,
what you got was 


Good idea, pity you fucked it up :-(


A blessed Beltane to you & the cat's mother.
Have some fun with that May Pole!

GravatarWilkommen in Deutschland, some time around 1933. One can only hope that the Volk will wake the f*ck up sooner rather than later.

It seems like more every day think the gov't is only there to dish up some new thing for their consumption and provide a another crutch for them to lean on.
The looters won't give that free lunch up easy.
It'll most likely take 7.62x39 or .45 degrees of persuasion to convinve 'em.

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25 April 2009


Suitcase Satire

Well, seeing as the boss is going nowhere, we might just as well chill out in the garden. 
WAITER !!!, another round  please.

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A link from ROB - Treasured

JUNE 12, 2006


I ain't sure WHAT HE SAID, but I think he said it well. Reminds me of a poster I kept on my office wall at work for a number of years.

It was a picture of a frog being swallowed by a wading bird. But the frog wasn't being eaten without a fight. He had both hands wrapped around the bird's neck, choking with all his might as his head was going down the bird's gullet and the motto was: "NEVER give up!!!"

Heh. I don't know why I liked that picture so much.


I get it (I think). The surviving frog swam enough to make the butter. Which was enough for him to get out of the churn. Don't ask me the moral of the story, I don't know.

Posted by: RayH on June 12, 2006 01:16 PM

that same pic has entertained me at the greyhound station everytime i go there :p

Posted by: Peter on June 12, 2006 02:13 PM

Ray you do get it. The tough frog, didn't give up and he eventually churned the milk that would have drowned him, into the butter that gave him a solid enough surface to escape. The moral of the story is don't give up, or you prefer, resolve to go down fighting and you might still win -- just when it seems all hope is lost.

Posted by: LIBBY on June 12, 2006 06:52 PM

I have that very same picture. It was colored by my kids and given to me while I was spending 6 months in the hospital with leukemia. I still have it as an inspiration.

Posted by: Dan on June 13, 2006 12:37 AM

Thanks Acidman, just got back from my roadtrip.
It is very good to hear the wordSmith tell me I told a story "well".

I will post the other picture tonight, I have it somewhere, just have to look.
Thanks again

Posted by: KEESKENNIS on June 13, 2006 09:44 AM

And I sent him this

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24 April 2009


Old pics

Me and my baby daughter Vida and Julia her first cousin
A long time ago.
Are my eyes "evil" or "enquiring" or "standard first time dad"?
Or maybe something else?
Answers required or you get busted of my sidebar.

Comments: IE: The peeps that keep their place on the sidebar

That's the sort of picture with which a dad may torture and blackmail his children well into their adulthood...

Of course, there is that counter-argument: "Gee, dad, you had HAIR, and it was dark..."


GravatarMy oldest graduates this spring. She may have forgotten some of the pics we have. The reminder will be humorous, at least to me.

I don't know Kees, you look like you know what you're doing. You're even keeping her head above water.
I'm impressed.

GravatarKicked off of your sidebar? You go too far, sir!

Many congrats on all of the happy accomplishments.


STU needs the attention of some women.

get wimmen used to being nekkid EARLY!

I hope he can cope

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20 April 2009


New golf lingo

New Golf Lingo.....
Some new lingo to use when you're out on the course...

A 'Rock Hudson' - a putt that looked straight, but wasn't
A 'Saddam Hussein' - from one bunker into another
A 'Yasser Arafat' - butt ugly and in the sand
A 'John Kennedy Jr.' - didn't quite make it over the water
A 'Rodney King' - over-clubbed
An 'OJ.'- got away with one
A 'Princess Grace' - should have used a driver
A 'Princess Di' - shouldn't have used the driver
A 'Condom' - safe, but didn't feel very good
A 'Brazilian' - shaved the hole
A 'Rush Limbaugh' - a little to the right
A 'Nancy Pelosi' - Way to the left and out of bounds
A 'James Joyce' - a putt that's impossible to read
A 'Ted Kennedy' - goes in the water and jumps out
A 'Pee Wee Herman' - too much wrist
A 'Sonny Bono' - straight into the trees
A 'Mickey Mantle' - a dead yank
A 'Paris Hilton' - a very expensive hole

Stolen from Phil

If I ever take up golf, I'll be sure to remember that.

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19 April 2009



I get home from the DRC

And she is there

I do live a charmed life, that is for sure.

Life is good.

I did make a killer stew though.


.... a charmed life, indeed...... that smile definitely says "welcome home!"....

This is just the bestest post. Love it.

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A sweet Easter story

The Cat's Mother and I live in a poor suburb, sweets like these above are in scarce supply.
So we buy them by the box as and when we find them, clucose and more sugar that you can shake a stick at.
And then on holidays like Easter we choose a day and then start handing them out. By the bag.
The story soon spreads and in no time we have kids and kids and kids and more and more  kids coming and receiving bags of sweets.
It is noisy but then a silence ensues.
Then the first sugar enduced screech starts to kill the silence, then another and another.
By now the street is filled with running and screaming sugar monsters, and a noise that can drive you to drink, starts to build. This builds to a crescendo that carries on until all the adults are forced to go to to bed and cover their ears.
Running, climbing, screeching loudly, magic.
Then we hand out the last box and retire to the lounge with very loud music.

Life is good.

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12 April 2009



Biggie before Easter

Biggie during Easter

And watch for those extra effects on the wall, WOW.
All the proof you need.

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10 April 2009



And I am still trying to work out how to walk on my hind legs.

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Chicks and bikes

GUYK | Homepage | 04.10.09 - 10:04 pm | #

She needs a sidecar just for her ass...
BobG | Homepage | 04.10.09 - 10:25 pm | #

Looks like a couple of hippos fighting under a cocktail napkin.
Hammer | Homepage | 04.10.09 - 11:22 pm | #

As GuyK said DAMN and I say DAMN again. That's scary

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Memories re-enacted

I found this piccie on the web and my mind had to reach back 49 years.
We had a similar photo op when I was seven but we did not have a camera.
I emailed the picture to my sibblings to ask whether they remember.
My oldest sister from Salt Lake City answered that herself and me found the snake (Puffadder) and that my dad shot it and 29 little snakes  either wriggled out to be killed or were later pulled out of the mother.

Good sized diamondback. She might make a good snack, but the little ones wouldn't be worth the trouble to cook them.

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Chiken and Egg


That's hilarious!

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Things that wash up on the beach

I wonder if it is edible.

Sure! Even tastes of fish 

Nah, Stu is wrong...

It is reported that after Eve went swimming in the ocean, God said, "Now I'll NEVER get that taste out of the fish..."


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08 April 2009


Faith In Dog And man - ONE

I like the Dead Dog, I'll buy him a drink anywhere.

In this post (click the title of this post) Duh, he talks about almost giving up.
The dog did good, that is what dogs do

The fact is that he didn't give up.

Life is one, that one single time that you got up more than you were knocked down.

I'm up, but just by one, as we all are.

Unlike Dead Dog Walking, I never thought about giving up, but then in Africa?

Life is tough

"When things are tough, bend your back and work harder"
And of course, always drink more, except if you have to hunt for food the next day.

"Hunting for food and hunting for puss has only one difference, the usage of alcohol"

In the two "hunting" analogies, "laid low", does not have the same meaning.


Feelings mutual... We'll take turns buying rounds if we ever do meet. 

And you're right... It's what dogs do. Survive. 

I'll be raising a glass to you tonight Keesie. Cheers.

GravatarThe pic of the lion and zebra distresses me....... but only because, when the lion gets finished, you won't have that lovely black and white pelt to drap across the back of your sofa.

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