19 April 2009


A sweet Easter story

The Cat's Mother and I live in a poor suburb, sweets like these above are in scarce supply.
So we buy them by the box as and when we find them, clucose and more sugar that you can shake a stick at.
And then on holidays like Easter we choose a day and then start handing them out. By the bag.
The story soon spreads and in no time we have kids and kids and kids and more and more  kids coming and receiving bags of sweets.
It is noisy but then a silence ensues.
Then the first sugar enduced screech starts to kill the silence, then another and another.
By now the street is filled with running and screaming sugar monsters, and a noise that can drive you to drink, starts to build. This builds to a crescendo that carries on until all the adults are forced to go to to bed and cover their ears.
Running, climbing, screeching loudly, magic.
Then we hand out the last box and retire to the lounge with very loud music.

Life is good.

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