08 April 2009


The results are in

Driver: Now with a Gucci Bag and Gucci hat.
"I'd never carry a bag that tacky or a hat that ugly. Dude! What were you thinking?"
With Gucci bag and hat

BobG as he now sees himself
"It's not me; I don't look that good..."
Bob Rockhounding with new self image

Dear Froth: As this is a PG 13 blog I do not want to even go near there:
"Dude. Mr. Froth has the backpack. I have the fanny pack. I mean. Sheesh."
And that photoshop is way beyond me, shees you think I am a Wunderkind?

And for Rex:
"I'd prefer the goat"
We hunt for food over here,boy. 
"He is at least 4 years younger than my sixty five, so I can call him a boy"

We don't want to talk about the killing and the lack of stregnth but it deserves a mention

Eli:"SWMBO is likely to hunt you down and kill you for suggesting that her ass looks like that...

...and I can personally attest that it does not..."

I got myself out of that death trap here. Pwewh, that was close.

Half rubberLooks like Bill and Hillary. I may not be able to crack walnuts with my ass cheeks anymore, but I can sure put a hairline fracture in a papershell pecan, dammit!

All alleged bold comments from here



For the sake of decency only the American and European versions are displayed, the African version is to big to fit this screen in any case.

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