02 April 2009




That is a lot.

Thank you all.

But then I am riviting, ain't I.

For all six of you repeatedly, repeated, once again thank you for all of your estremis, repeated.

Stu and his "apostrophecan take a flying leap, it work's for me. So Stu can go and screw under a bridge somewhere with a Triple. (insert smaalie here if you can, I can't and don't want to be able to do that, but I still want a smiley here)
I do think his Irish ancestry is showing so Sorry:

All my other readers and commentors is A OK.

Thank you all so very much, I am humbled and delighted

If I missed the opportunity to insult your so called wife here I do assedly appologise.
To SWMBO I say "Very sorry Ma'm, I misjudged you by Eli's   nonsense that he normaly posts, but now that my life is on the line I, as the coward that I am, can say, Madam I love your  ass.
That's brave aint it.

Thanks Oom Rob.


Congrats!! And well deserved.

Thanks for bringing the educational and the funny.

Gravatar"Madam I love your ass."

Which puts you in select company as a Man of Discernment, Keesie!

Dude. Mr. Froth has the backpack. I have the fanny pack. I mean. Sheesh.

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