01 April 2009


Who is this?

Keesie and the Cats Mother? : I am not that tall.
Guyk and Sweething?
Eli and SWMBO?
??? and Libby?
??? and Leslie?
Vman and Key?
SWG and his beloved?
MC and Chrissy?
Rex and a Goat?
Jimbo and a ???
Stu and a Street Triple?
Hammer and a nail?
Roger and M'sup?
No ways?
Blob and a gunnie?
A dancer and Joan?
Marcus and bait?
Cat and the best?
Bob and doubt?
??? and Misty?
Jim and a floater?
Kim Mr. and Kim?
Shadow and Knowledge?
The boy and Fish? : They are just kids.


Who Knows?



I wonder what he's carrying in his man bag? Hopefully a set of clothes for him and his old lady...

GravatarSWMBO is likely to hunt you down and kill you for suggesting that her ass looks like that...

...and I can personally attest that it does not...

GravatarThe Bares are coming out of hibernation 

GravatarIt's not me; I don't look that good...

GravatarBrings new meaning to "peep show" but elephino who they are!

Obama and his old lady after a honkey transfomation operation.

GravatarYeah, that's me on the right, demonstrating that I'm in touch with my feminine side.

I'd prefer the goat

I'd prefer the goat

GravatarLooks like Bill and Hillary. I may not be able to crack walnuts with my ass cheeks anymore, but I can sure put a hairline fracture in a papershell pecan, dammit!

GravatarI'd never carry a bag that tacky or a hat that ugly. Dude! What were you thinking?

Gravatar... that ain't me, brother..... I don't have nearly that much ass to drag around......

Dude. Mr. Froth has the backpack. I have the fanny pack. I mean. Sheesh.

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