02 March 2008


120 Kg Plus - Heavywheights

Have you seen the new HEADINGS on my sidebar.
about all the posts that you missed and much more.

There is no category for this post yet, but it should read something like this:


Vman says on Erica's sidebar:
“I don’t do memes.
And I don’t do links.
I DO do gratuitous sex. You know my email.”

I posted:
A meme about job titles
HE did not offer his titles
Other concerning and very discerning gentleman and ladies did, as you can see.

Guyk posted and I responded with a meme.
He linked to me, by posting He Says It Be A Meme , Gawd the Redneck and the Afrikaner between them broke all the rules of the Queen's English.

And Then
Mostly Cajun put it into English.

"Keesy, marching to a slightly warped drummer, as is his normal state in life, has determined that it’s not a quote, it’s a meme"
Will take some time to digest though.

If he allowed me to comment it would have not reached the font's it has.

I suggest: (Not to subject Robert Heinlein to scrutiny but to delve deeper)

What can you do, or have you done?

And I break it down into a few ages.


Be true to a single women.
Yes I have been. With girlfriends as long as it takes. With wifes forever, or until they or I die.

Love your Country.
This have been a particular sore point with me, I do love SA, but I have a big bone to pick with the government of the day.

Fight for your Country.
I have.


Weld with electricity or use a torch and some wire to make two pieces of steel or metal into one.

Use a 20 thousand ton press to make ashtrays.

Don't lose fingers or hands while doing this. I can do high fives with confidence.

Calculate astromical figures in your head. This might surprise Stu, but it is part of my job.

Rebuild a modern car battery. In Lesotho our batteries froze, and being made for Africa they were destroyed and shorting. I rebuild them in less time than the replacement could come from SA.

Be a Pirate

With appologies to El Capitan

I do not understand any computer language, but with a bright mind a insightfull mind, I removed the security tags from a program called E3000 Earth tech.

This astounded a lot of people, including the security experts with E3000.

My brother Carel, mistakenly said, , "three thousand monkeys typing on 3000 keyboards"

Deliver a calf by a "Ceaserian Section"

Yes I did, with the farmer "howling and concerned" and the Vet a few hundred kilometeres away on a landline.

Blow up a bridge?

Yes. No modern tools, Tank rounds and sulpher(something) (salpeter in Afrikaans).

A crude yet effective demolition tool. (Mr. Chemistry might advise us here)

Pilot a plane.

Yes. Again Herr Doktor Stu might be surprised, I did have a PPL for a period of 2 years, I soloed at Rand Airport in SA at my first effort. I never went on to get a "radio" conversion, and left flying by myself soon afterwards.

Write A Blog.

ASsshholes is gratifying, say it is not so.

Set the points on a car.

Easy as piss.

Rebuild an engine for a car

Can you explain what TDC stands for?

What is a Big End outside your bedroom?

Is a "small end" something to be ashamed about?

Build a FM tranciever into a bedlamp that you are paid to fix.

Morally this is dubious at best, reprehensible at worst, or worse, but we do have the warning, Never mess with Kees, ringing in our ears.

You do get very good skropping information from such ladies that give you the bedlamps to repair. Reprehensible, have been mentioned.

NB: Trancievers van also be built into Toasters, Record Player and Radios, so I am told.

Did I mention Reprehensible?

Never give a woman an inch, they are so much smarter and so much more streetwise than you can ever be, amen.

And onto my last meme: (ad nauseum, comes to mind)

Conn a boat: I thought, thunk, or such that this had to do with submarines, so I gave a stoopid answer. I have captained plenty boats, sail, motor, civilian, military, mercenary and (you will be surprised) others. So please stand corrected.

Where does "conning tower" come from?


Be true to yourself.

This will test you, more than you can think, be strong.

Now :

Leave a fucking comment.

Write your own list on your blog.

Save water, don't drool.

Wow, you certainly are an all-rounder!
I am envious.

May I add another very satisfying thing to do? Woodworking. Just wish I was better at it.

Thx for the links, BTW.
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 03.03.08 - 7:37 am #

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