29 February 2008


From Guyk

A meme from GUYK:
He is of course to old to realise that this is a meme.
I might live to regret the sentence above.
A human being should be able to:
Change a diaper:
I did that and I handled or arm'd the space where my daughter shot her shit all over me.

Plan an invasion:
I did not plan it as it came from Moscow/Havana, and I only played a role in the UN-Planning of this invasion.

Butcher a hog:
Guyk does not mention a diff between peeps and animal hogs.
I have done both.

Conn a ship:
I have done Con, but Conn I have to leave to the expert Rednecks or deep water suicidals.

Design a building:
Does two seaters count?

Write a sonnet:

Balance accounts:
We will see.

Build a wall:
Plenty, in stone, brick, 270 brick, lego.

Set a bone:
From the beaches of SE Asia which is diffirent to the bones I set in hospital in SA.

Comfort the dying:
Too Much.
My Mother, I wasn't there.
My Wife, she died in my arms.

Take orders:
Too Much.

Give orders:
Not emuch.

Not emuch.

Act alone:
Too Much.

Solve equations:
The equations that go, L=Q=G +W=P is easy, How many of Castro's Barn Army types do I have to kill to solve the equation.
Do those that I killed over the years add to the Solving, please say so.

Analyze a new problem:
After taking into account the peeps that are paying my salary, I have always solved the problem in a way that benefits my Bottom Line.

Pitch manure:
Why?, but I have.

Program a computer:
An anachronistic and ancient skill that is only practised by robots and the like, like nerds like Bill Gates .

Cook a tasty meal:
Wanna get laid with class?

.... as it stands right now with dusk quickly approaching, Me the SWG is not gonna lay or supervise the eggs getting laid, after all the moniker SWS states very clearly, Straight White Sloth

Fight efficiently:
Wanna get laid with class?
I think I have done so, Bane's skills course might dissagree.

Die gallantly:
Who is the f58king c56t that suggested this.
I most probably won't.

Specialization is for insects:
I am Kees and I eat more insects than all my peeps:


Eric is viewing his bird feeder as food.
Elisson reaches a agreement with his Rabbi with OBSOLETE SKILLS
Rex F**ks up, as allways, except Jody saves his hide.
Dax bans me.

ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/1.3.41 Server at www.daxmontana.net Port 80


Stu, of course, is not scared, stupid, maybe, but not scared, puts me on his sidebar, and I say,touching my forelock, thank you Sir, or is that DOCTOR 0r Herr Doktor?

Also, Guyk started it rolling, but Valorik and Grandpa had me linked allready, thanks to the DAD AND GRANDAD.

I read this passage from Heinlein at my dad's funeral - never knew a man who could do so many different things so well.
Don't think his sister ever forgave me for reading from a science fiction book at such a solemn occasion.
decrepitoldfool Homepage 03.02.08 - 8:09 pm #
Have Sex without getting (her) pregnant.
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 03.02.08 - 8:06 am #
Thanks for the links Kees. I'm still waiting to see if they put up the picture though.
And the belly...well, it cost me a lot of money to build it...
GUYK Homepage 03.01.08 - 6:35 am #
Thanks for adding me mate =) As always, great posts.
Dad of the Doodsters Homepage 02.29.08 - 7:18 am #

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