25 February 2012


Joey John Hart - Second Grand child

Ondria and her husband Tim have just had my second grandchild

Joy of joys never mind Joeys

And then I get this email:

dear oupa
i came home from hospital today... all of 2.5 days old. the doctor said i get 10 out of 10 for fit and healthy.
you probably already know i'm a big boy. i weighed 4.09kgs at birth and i was 56cm long!
i can't wait to meet you when you get home so be sure to come home soon :-)
see attached some phtos momma took of me just 5 minutes after we got home.
lots of lovies from joey

I love dem all knowing kids, don't ya

Ond's I love you so much

And I love you to young man, plenty
And the Cat's Mother think you are so special and loves you too

Congratulations to your family on its newest addition!
Congratulations Oupa Nick, Ondria, Tim and Cindy.
YOur blog ate my first comment, but here I try again. Congratulations, OUpa and the Cat's Grandmommy AND ONdria and Tim, who I believe did play some small part in the miracle of baby boy. OUpa, I'm so thrilled to see you already have the markings of proper oupa-besottedness by making the parents a sort of remote (but crucial) attachment to your Oupadom: Peter and I refer to Newton and Cheryl as those people who drive Kanye and Aliya to our house. I'm so happy about your double baby bounty! xoxox
I just want to cuddle him
And I will be home in 3 days.
Cuddella Banga galore
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