25 January 2010


ONDRIA - I DO - She is so beautiful

My Ondria - Not really - Just on loan to me.
All this took place on the 20th December 09.
Tim, you lucky guy, keep her well, OK.

Ah, how lovely she is, Keesie!

Congrats to the both of them.
There goes my chance to be your son-in-law...

Nice looking couple. Best wishes to them.

Cool Runnings to them...
Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.
Lovely indeed.
On Loan for a While to be sure, but the interest will be paid to you for a lifetime or more.
Two Lucky Men.
She's gorgeous, my friend, and a beautiful bride. If she's even half as happy with her new husband as you've been with the Cat's Mother, it'll be a wonderful marriage, indeed. Blessings on both of them.
She is breath takingly beautiful!
May they have many, many happy years together.
congratulations to all of you,
she is beautiful and you looked pretty good yourself.
Best of luck to the happy couple!
.... what a beautiful, beautiful couple!..... best of luck to them both, Keesie!.......

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