05 February 2011


Eric makes me wonder

I have had some Friends

These two and another two bikes and one car were buried, by me.

For the small Kawa I used a shovel. A tool that SWG knows well. For the others I used excavators.

I dug a grave and put them to rest.
They served me well.
I could not bear to see any of their intimate parts be sold in secondhand shops.
Yet SWG complains about a Birth Certificate.

At the funeral for the chev me and my friends let it have a 21 gun salute.

Oh if only I had some birth certificates!!

I once had a big block Chrysler that was more faithful to me than any woman, or almost any friend. I buried it with a trackhoe at an undisclosed location, for the same reasons. I also once set a car on fire and watched it burn so that the horridness of it would never be inflicted on another human being.
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