13 September 2006



I was just barely out of nappies when this photo was taken at a Vaal River resort.
Japie on the left with his 500 Honda CB, and me with my Kawasaki Z1R.

Japie was married to cough drops that was classified as "non addictive"
I was married to Esta and our first born was not even a twinkle yet.

No other form of road legal transport could stick it to me.

Robc at Lenoury can most probably tell you more about the performance of the Z1R, although that is not his specialty.
I can tell you that, that 1000cc, had very special grunt and was effen fast.

A tale circa 1977

I was in charge of distribution for this bakery.
One of the major problems that we had, was that the cafe owners would steal our bread baskets/crates to store other stuff, like vegetables.
This led to major financial losses.
So I spent 24/7 at the bakery to get as many of our own back and then raided the places that buy from us to get the last crates back.
This meant sleeping at my desk or on some discarded flour bags for two weeks.
I then worked out a system that was very easy to follow.
Crates sprayed BLACK would go South.
Crates sprayed BLUE would .......

Preprinted forms for the establishments to acknowledge receipt would accompany them.

My colleague Pill Popper enters, takes over from me, and gets confused between South and HELL and sends the multicolored crates worldwide.

I don't care if you do drugs, mainstream or recreational.
I do alcohol.

Dont fuck up other people.

This was supposed to be a WaybackWendnesday post.
Hey! thanks for the mention Kees!
Had to log this comment as "other" because of me taking the plunge and joining the Darksisde of Blogger Beta users... now some things work better and others are broken!
Back to Bikes... those CB500 were pretty nifty machines with those beautifull exhausts, the CB400 had them as well and the 350 four wich is as scarce as hen's teeth by the way... where I mine salt one bloke has one with 23 odd thou kilos on the clock... it is still brand new!
Will take a pic if and when I remember to haul my Kodak battery eater along...
You had some lot of facial hair Kees!!!
One must be able to function throughout one's addiction and not contribute to the mangling of another's livelihood. I'm just sayin'.
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