06 October 2010


I am not god or Instapundit or Yabu but....

About 2 years ago I gave you this

Loved it and stole it from Here

This might or might not be the right moment to make a speech.
Who the fuck cares?
I do not live in the USA
I am not voting as I am not qualified to do so.
I do not want to become qualified, nor do I want to become a citizen.
This is not because I don't believe in all of the wonders prescribed in your Constitution.
It is just that am a student of humans, and they will never fullfill those Ideals.
We as humans have the tendency to gather about the LOWEST COMMON DENOMITATOR.
Nevertheless the election of a American President does influence me and mine.
I earn lots of dollars every month, and I would like those dollars to sustain their market value.
So if you guys and dolls vote shit and get BHO elected, I lose, big time.
If he (BHO) had a policy, I could have said because of his policy, but he has gotten shit.
Hey Froth and Joan, are this Inglish and cleer or can I translate it into Afrikaans.

Most excellently clear-ish. Selah indeed.
Kim Homepage 08.24.08 - 7:04 pm #

Keesie,I'm not sure which pesticides you've been exposed to, but you may want to stand UPwind next time they're spraying for mosquitoes.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.24.08 - 4:58 am #

And now Yabu mumbles


The next 30 days are going to bring out the sidewalk licking low down tactics on both sides…lies, accusations, bribery, cheating, and self interest. Just watch and see. Our politicians and our political system has become so corrupt over the years…it needs to be fixed…if it is fixable. Scary thought. I support the Tea Party movement 100%, because they want a better life for Americans. I truly believe they are concerned that without intervention from the American people, all might be lost. Freedom to choose comes to mind. We are a Constitutional Republic…not a Democratic Republic…not a Socialist Republic. This election just might be the most important, ever.

Just vote. I would like for people to vote for the ideals I believe in, but if you don’t, that’s fine…just vote as if your life depended on it. Think about that long and hard. If we continue down the path we’re on…we’re all fucked. America as we knew it, will cease to exist. Do you want this? There is no way to change anything overnight, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Now is the time to start. Vote, and get involved in the future. If you don’t vote…MOVE somewhere else, and let others make decisions for you and your families. We only have two choices, it is what it is, but you must choose, or you are part of the problems we’re experiencing now. I will Bitch-Slap the next person who tries to explain to me why it is in my best interest not to vote.

This current administration (both sides) does not have the best interest of you, the American people, at heart…but the people have to start somewhere.

Sad, but true.


Can I take that as a "I Told You So"

Thank You

Hey Dude
Where is
My "mortage" "morgage" "Flippen payment"
On my house?

Oh ! By The Way

Kim and Joan can go and wank themselves, except Froth

You cannot get clearer dan dis



What would Acidman have done.(Clickety Click)

He would have voted, not "Early and Often" like a fuckin dem, but he would have voted.

When OG says:

Two years ago this day

I woke up in Ndola, Zambia.

I met some of the most wonderful people of my life, I had a grand adventure or two, and I pray every day that I may someday return.

I hope that he returns

But when he says:


I keep hearing people bitching about the state of the union. Ed points out the direction we’re headed most clearly.

These things are obvious to me:

1: We will, as Billy Beck so plainly says, not vote our way out of this. No electoral process will ever return this country to the people who still believe in the original intent of the founders. Predominantly, as Billy says, because people are idiots.

I do think that he and Billy is wrong

People are not Idiots.

I have seen Rwanda come from over the cliff back to normalcy and these are Africans that stayed in Africa (Althouse) and not even gifted Americans.

I am sure that you lot can get it right: NO?


I've had several remote rounds with BB, and he is part of the problem. He is the idiot. What say I capture him, bring him over to your neck of the woods, and we can lose his coward chicken shit ass in the bush? Bastard told me I couldn't think, and to be honest, that pissed me off.
I'm no fan of Billy Beck, if all people are idiots he is their king.

And you only have to drive in America for a summer to really understand what idiots we are, for the most part. And the problem is, we always end up voting for politicians; which is the problem; politicians. So voting for other politicians of any stripe isn't gonna fix anything.
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