17 June 2010


F*CK Nanny Governments

Susan Estrich: Rescued sailing girl needs responsibility lesson

She wrote.

"I'm not much of a risk-taker. Careening around a racetrack at three-digit speeds is just not my idea of a good time. I've never been tempted to climb Everest. To each his own. We live in a society in which people are free to be adventurers, even when the deck is stacked against them.

But kids should grow up first."

(Read her whole post, she has more to say.)

I commented.

Do not blame Abby Sunderland or her parents for the fact that you have a nanny government.
It is there, and willing to spend your (tax) money as it sees fit.
It was part of the Sunderland's decision making process.
Surely if you can use your (tax) money to raise 2 or more kids from a single mother times 50,000 (guestimate) cases, you can afford to pay for a gutsy young girls rescue.
And if the cases of government babies is wrong and it is more like 500,000, like I think, the Sunderland family comes cheap.
I am 57 this year and I have almost died at sea. A friend of mine has. Another was killed on a mountain. We took to our boats and mountains without guarantees.
I suspect Abby would have done so as well.

Further than her 200 word comment rule.

Killing yourself have, in my mind, have always been a choice you make alone.

Whether you do it by being eaten by a lion or freezing your balls in the Artic, the choice is yours.

Since we have "Sea Rescue Institute" and "Mountain Rescue Initiative" paid for by taxes, the number of stupid things that people do have increased vastly.

Smaller balls now try do what big balls did before.

I say let them die on the slopes and cliffs and waves and in caves.

We do not need their offspring.

We do not even need them.

If they survive, we should breed with them.


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