12 June 2010


Da woman

I am now in Sierra Leone.


I am now faced with what the feminist in the USA do not want to discuss.

Not A Cut, but a blunt shell, or knife, or stone, wielded by a Muslim SL Feminist, that produces, blood, screams, trauma and in the end the sublime woman.
For the man.

My Big Sis is a feminist.
So when she commented on my post.

Take two - sides, that is

"When I can next tear myself away from the book I'm reading on the Queer Child, I might just tell you the composition of the guests at a stork party I attended for a single lesbian mother who got the baby's genetic material from a single gay college friend, both lawyers..."

I did not comment.

I would not like to tear my own Sister away from her daughters wedding, but I would like to focus her attention on a Afternoon a few years back, In a Constantia Wine Restaurant, when she answered this question from me "How do you reconcile your feminism to the fact that the Muslim regards a woman as less than an animal". And she said " I have not made up my mind yet"
Well Sis, I can tell you that the muslims, men woman and children are leaving a bloody trail, heavy with fresh genital blood, and a titbit or two for those who care to look the other way.

Ask your muslim friends if they approve of FGM and ask them in a way that they have to say "Yes" or "No"
And then ask them, "do you approve of a religion that approves of this.
You will be met with a blank stare, I promise.

Ask them if they like Allah FUCKING a 7 year old girl, see if they yes or no or if they have any pre - qualification, maybe she was a well developed 7 year old, or MAYBE she was NINE, which absolves the WHOLE LOT.

In Sierra Leone the woman is an object, and that is carried forward by American Feminist that refuse to act against Muslims, anywhere.

Burn your bra's.
And fucking get a wake up.

In the media today:

Has got a pair.

Sarah Palin
Might be acquiring a pair

BHO is with the help of some Feminists deciding whether he needs a pair.

Preach it, brother Keesie.
You got it right, Oom Kees. I see no good in a religion that condones child molesting and degradation of women in this day and age.
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