03 June 2010


cont 2

He lives amidst the jungle dark,
Where snakes and tigers menace,
But not a single one of them's
A match for old KeesKennis.

So Eli wrote

Go and read the whole lot.
And see that.

A Afrikaan hick and a Yew tjie, from the USA can talk to each other.

It is a simple system of respect.
That particular Yew Boy of course stretches that system, big time.

"I suck at TENNIS"
What the F*ck is Tennis?

And I reply.

We go to a real artist to tell us about Eli

Biological Reflection - By Ogden nash
A girl whose cheeks are covered with paint
Has an advantage with me over one whose ain't

And keesie:

In The darkest of Atlanta
Live's Eli, who is a Dada
Who loves his girl
Who has a frill
A tiger in Atlanta
Gotta scare the pants of any papa
But Eli will not say Tata
To his girls in Atlanta
As the Tiger will not say "oy"

My head isn't wired for poetry, but never let incompetence stand in the way of effort:

Nobody said it was easy,
writing a poem for Keesie.
My brain's just not wired
My mind's kind of tired,
And I don't want to post something sleezy.

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