13 May 2010


Lefties I love - 2

I created the picture below

From this

I only had this and this below to work with

I did not use the pic below at all, promise

sartorial elegance

But then he did not recognise the worldwide emblem for the Turkey Bashers Society

As a leftie he is OK, just misguided and naked


Hi Stu we must meet afore we dye - OK

C'mon Kees, you can do better than that! Where is the

Savage Sarcasm,
Indecent Irony,
Cheap Claptrap, the
Kees Kennis we all know and love?

The acrostically SICK stuff?
OK, Kees, I've just blogged a reply for you ;-)
You bloody europeans do not know African time

... I know that last view, sir... and what's getting "stuffed" definitely isn't a turky, brother...... trust me on that, I know.....

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