11 May 2010


Lefties I love - 1

I have read the DoF for a long time, my entire blog life to be exact.

He says:

"The unexceptional individual

While an exceptional individual may rise above his circumstances, you can’t expect that most children will graduate from run-down schools in dangerous neighborhoods and go on to post- high school education. And if they only have a high school education, and not a very good one at that, or even didn’t get to that point, again, once in a while an exceptional individual might surprise you, but that isn’t the norm. For the most part, they’ll get low-paying jobs without meaningful insurance. And they’ll live in poor housing, so their property taxes won’t support much of a school district, so their kids…

All this is predictable. A lot of things are predictable."

KeesKennis says.

I have lived in Africa all my life.

I have had a running fight with socialism all my life.

The paragraph above describes what has happened in the good ole USA.

All has come down to the state.

And therefore those that support it will get the best.

And those that don't will get fuckoll.

A new Feudal state?

I have supported some individuals that the state left behind with small money and they prospered.

Yes George, you can expect that "most children will graduate from run-down schools in dangerous neighborhoods and go on to post- high school education", if they have parents that back them and don't do drugs and are not part of socialism.

I have seen this and in some cases contributed towards such results.


IF you believe that you are owed a living, you are wrong.

I have structured my life as to pay NO taxes to anybody.

I however support a lot of peeps that are worthy, off course as I see fit.

Go and read George, he is not EVIL, not STUPID, just slightly misguided.

Tommorow we do do Stu, another lovable Leftie


V'Man has the same thoughts, some days before, but he is a slow thinker, so I will allow that. He writes in a way that makes him superior, but I do not hate him, funny?

I have already taken off all my clothes, so that I can truly say "I can barely wait" ;-)
Amen, Keesie, Amen
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