15 April 2010


When Worlds COLLIDE

When Rhodesia became Zimbabwe there was a transfer of hard earned wealth from "Zimbabwe" to other countries. I helped with those transfers.

I had a fresh Private Pilots Licence (PPL), 2 months old, and I was contacted by a Rhodie, "Would I fly a single prop Cessna, loaded to the max, from his farm in Zim to his farm in (the then Northern Transvaal) in SA."

"Yes, I will."

I was not worried about the Zimbabwean Air Force as they were 2 years old and I knew that most of the very good Rhodesian Air Force equipment had been stolen or sold, but the SA Air Force was functioning at top level

So the plan was a 19 km or so hop at tree level from the farm in SA to the farm in Zim and back to SA, at night, on ground clearings that was graded and watered down.

Stu will tell you that this is not easy.
Of course there was no radio communications or any responsive beacons used.
Silence, the tone and sound of the engine, that is all.

Loading was done by the farmers and their family that included the trusted black staff.
In three of these missions the entire farm including the workers were relocated to other countries.

I did many, maybe, 15 nights, some had 3 runs both ways.

I'm all right, I missed the trees, just, and I missed the SA radar.
And I saved millions from Mugabe. At the time.

Now it is sad. devastation, for the people who intrepidly or otherwise with no other option than to remain.

I figger I did my bit then, I'm still doing my bit now.
I have a young girl/women in Zambia that We, the Cat's Mother and I are putting and paying for to go thru college. One vote against the EVIL that is socialism.

Fuck socialism, fuck BO.
And specially fuck BHO and his administration and fuck Islam.

I don't write well as all my fingers are amputated (Ed: Bullshit, Whiskypated, if at all), so for the evils of Islam, please read Oom Guy.

Neef Eric has a tale to tell us about a cliff on Adak. Or should that be Adak .....

Who is your Daddy?

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