07 February 2010


The Island

Just before Christmas last we had a End of the year party.
It happened in Ghana, at a coastal resort.
I decided to sit at one posi and to record a beautiful Island from that posi.
Some or all of my group went, fishing, golfing, sightseeing etc but I was rooted to my chair.
I sat at this chair for 3 days and a bit and only left after peeps have gone to bed or whatever and was back when they woke up.
If you are lucky you will see a very nice beautiful island in the background.
More shots from that perch

Me in the middle

If anybody knows a nicer island please call me.
Ain't nothing like a nice sea doo or jet ski ride, well almost nothing.
Looks like an enjoyable place. Around here at that time it was below freezing and covered with snow.
where you live is breath takingly beautiful.
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