05 November 2009


Cats and Dogs and the Miss Conception

Tatsie our 14 year old Matriarch coming into the DAWG room asking question and offering support

The Cat's Mother and our newborn Thumpy

A repeat Photo but with me pointing out FAN and the CD player to deliver flowing air and sweet music to our amputee

I don't mind, but towels to shower with, have been in short supply

A friend gave Thumpy a new toy


The CM explains to Dessi that the new DAWG is not a threat while from left to right Mama Roo her boytjie Pushy and Wiley looks on. Tatsie makes a cameo in the foreground.

The same as above as Dessi snuggles closer

Big Boy is now hiding behind Wiley

Sorry for the double pics.

Me and the Cat's Mother have been stressed and freaked out about Thumpy.
It have been touch and go whether she will live or die.
A little girl voice called me on the Cat's Mothers cell number today and said "Please come to the Vet I need you"
I went.
She was freaked out completely.
The stump stitches have come undone and the bone was sticking out.
With the assistance of the 3 Vet's nurses we decided to continue with the treatment.
The stitches was replaced and antibiotics was administered.
I only have the highest regard for these guys.
Everything your pet needs in this situation you have to go and buy elsewhere, they have NO budget.
The above pictures were taken after that.
So we are still hoping and believing that Thumpy will make it.
Our Three Older Cats, Tatsie, Liksie, and Wiley have been more pragmatic than the youngsters, but that is just life, even for humans.
The other 4, Big Boy, Mama Roo, Pushy and Dessi will follow as they do Love the Cat's Mother, but this new DAWG is something new, and they only joined us here in Zambia.
Sadly our Mocambiquan cat BABALOO died of cancer and our Zambian Mr. SASSY BOY was killed by a black mamba, and they do not have to welcome the Puddy DAWG.
SNOEKIES and MANISSI that we buried in Botstwana is not around to witness this sacrilege.

I think Elisson, Guy, Jimbo, Jean, Nancy, Leslie, Maeve, Stu, Tanker, Denny, Blob, Misty, Roger, Jim, Yabu, Pirate, Kim, Rex, and even Eric and Cat have had good moments where their pets are more human than a cat or dog.

I am an animal in Love, Life and Sex.

Sela, let there be music.


I was hoping you'd have new pics & an update.
And yes, I don't have "pets" I have four legged furried babbies. Life is not complete with out them.

I will fight to the death for my doggie Stretch...and then some.

Thinking good thoughts for Thumpy...You're doing a GREAT thing. If our paths ever cross...beverages are on me!

UPDATE: She died.

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