06 November 2009


Thumpy is dead

Bye - Bye to a very brave girl

She died between the 5 O'clock and 6 O'clock feedings.
The Cat's Mother and me are shattered.
We accepted the possibility of her dying.
But when you have that lifeless, still warm, body on your lap, you cry for that fighting spirit that was THUMPY.
I cried.

You will be remembered.


Let there be music.


My condolences on the passing of Thumpy. People who do not have Animal Companions don't know how sweet their presence makes our lives or how painful it is when their short lives end.

GravatarOh, Keesie, I am so, so sorry. Big hugs to you and the Cat's Mother. How lucky Thumpy was to have had such love, if only for a little while.

Blessings on you both, my friend.

GravatarI'm sorry, Keesie! At least the last days were around people who care. Sometimes that's the best we can offer...

Mighty decent of you to try, folks.


GravatarI'm sorry to hear that. Really, I cry with you. And yes, some people cared about him. That's a big deal, I believe.

GravatarI am so sorry for your loss. Bless you both for trying so hard to help Thumpy heal.

GravatarBrotherman, I am so sorry. My condolences. I'm downtown with what my friend Elisson said.

My dog Stretch owns me, not the other way around.

Thankyou for trying...

I am so sorry Kees & Cat's Mum!!
Please take comfort in the fact she knew she was loved unconditionally before she passed over.
Like you & everyone else I hoped for a happier ending.

In the end the fact that we tried is what counts, but at the moment we all wish we had power over death.
You tried, and in doing so made Thumpy's last days much better than if you hadn't tried. In doing so you made the world just a little better.
Sorry for your loss.

I'm still catchingup, so just saw this. I am so so sorry. Thumpy can play with the Beebs and Elvis the yellow Lab and Lucky the black cat. These guys just break your heart, right? We're still sad about Beebs.

But, I'm trying to convince Mr. Froth that we need another pup.
It's probably too soon for you guys.

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