03 March 2009



Yeah an Update.
In "War stories" my first words were "Recently", I actually wanted to type "Not Recently"
That in fact means 28 years times 365 days divided by 28 days for the cycle of the moon  =  365 moons ago (that maths was so easy, even Stu could have done it). Because I have not hunted or gotten into a fight since I was 28 years old.
So I would not like someone to say because I lied in that post I am a violent booger eating, socialist hating moron.
I am excactly that, "a violent booger eating, socialist hating moron" , but not on the wrong evidence.
I detest socialism and or communism as it is now manifesting itself in the EU and the USA.
I have seen my "pension retirement fund" evaporate twice, once because I was white and once because I was earning too much.
I believe that every action you take has a consequence, and you better live up to it.
If you vote for Hamas you get a terrorist government and the good guys will shoot at you. Period.
If you voted to "spread the wealth" you might get some but your action will have consequences and hopefully you are out on your ass by the years end.

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