01 March 2009


War stories

Recently I was talking to a new acquaintance about my African brethren and amognst others I told him this.
"Joseph, a big, black manic, that saw me as his "white Father (Papa)" would when times were tough, pick up a LMG, a Light Machine Gun, that is normally suported with a tripod, and rush forward sending scarce amunition flying in all directions whilst shouting "Papa, I love you and Fuck you all's every day" at the top of his voice"
Although not well thought out or concieved his actions won us space on the ground and more than groundspace it beat some enemy hearts into dust

When I asked him if he did not want to live his answer was "Boss Nic, sometimes I forget"

This "new acquaintance" then told me that I have lied about this as this was a quote from a movie or book or screenplay the "Dogs of War" by somebody or other.
Some teeth were removed from the carpet by the staff of my club. His.

If anybody want to use these words, please feel free, just do not say I have not heard them.

Joseph is alive and well today and lives a steady life as a livestock farmer in his not native country of Angola, his email address for me is "Boss Nic@whothefuckknows.com" and he has turned out to be a very good and thoughtfull representative of humankind. 
I talk to him often and have visited him more than a few times, my passport stamps can't keep up.

... reminds me of that quote from Belleau Wood back in WWI.....

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