08 January 2009


Man alone - eating - 1


Or, as you wish, SERIOUS COOKING.
As Elisson says "link-whore extaordinaire"
So if that is so who can resist. Down the blogroll cooks we go.
And, Hey, If I missed your best recipee, please send.
Acidman: Boiled peanuts: I never told him so, but I shudder ...
Vman: He must have boiled a few 16' whips and ate them with gravel for seasoning, but who knows, maybe there is a Key, somewhere!
Guyk : Who loves to boast that he cooks most of the meals, except for breakfast and supper and dinner. He does know about a few seafood dishes, I must admit.
Denny: I love his cooking, it is always done in a upper class setting by a proper chef. He maintains it is all about the wine.
Roger: Mostly French and Bacon, he did not comment, but he will approve, he is the Weal Kwing of Fwance after ALL.
Erica: She does not cook and never eats anything if it is not cooked in BROOKLYN. She is waiting to read "Aunt Bee's Maybury Cookbook" gifted to her by the Socialist Woman Gathering or SWG of whom we will talk later.
Ed: He cares and will never cook this. He is fun to read though.
Maeve: Sex and Whisky, the best cooking guide since the misconception of man or woman, and with love:
"And here is the finished product. Steve has finished the breakfast dishes, so now it is time for me to start cooking dinner. We are doing the traditional Italian dinner (Steve is Italian) of all fish. I've got shrimp scampi, crab cakes, battered halibut and tempura shrimp. I even got some cheesy bread.
Every one have a good day. Say a prayer of thanks and protection for those in our military and give a big hug to those in your family or circle of friends"
Love to you and your, as you put it, "My fine Celtic ass", on a horse, that is.
Blob: Lead and dust, mostly, but is easy on your blood pressure.

If you do not want your cooking talked about please mail $1,000 to my account.
The rest of the blogdrool have been warned.

MY RECIPE for MAN ALONE (americanised)
1/4 Lb of butter heated to silence in a pan.
Add 2.2 Lb's of pre cooked shrimp.
Spice as you wish.
Love and Enjoy
Use a straining spoon if your MD says so.
No need for salads or other distracting dishes.
Rinse and Repeat.

And, Izzy above, the owner of my middle Pumkin, Ondria, was not on the menu, she was delightfull though.

The Cat's Mother is only back in twenty days or so, so prepare yourself for lots more treats from my "Man Alone" cookbook.
Roasted Skunk just noses ahead of stirred shite, I think.


I'm wounded! Devastated!

You didn't publish one of MY recipes and I'm likely the ONLY Cajun you know...



Gravatar Hi Muster CayJon
I'se coming to you
Can't waste all da goodness on one post, can I?

Gravatar OMG Kees, you crack me up!

My Secret Christmas Polecat Recipe
Chicken-Fried Skunk Nuggets

2 skunks, skinned and cleaned
1 tbsp, salt
2 cups bear fat or lard
3 beaten egg yolks
1 cup, milk
1 cup of flour
2 tbsp, baking powder

Cut skunk meat into bite size pieces and drop into a kettle of cold water. boil meat about 40 minutes. Heat bear fat or lard to 360 degrees in a deep fryer. Mix egg yolks, cheap beer, flour, salt and baking powder. Dip meat in batter and fry to golden brown. Drain and serve.
Homepage | 01.13.09 - 5:53 pm | #

Gravatar ... dude, I made some pork ribs last night that were so good.... that if you put one on the top of your head, your tongue would knock your brains out trying to get to it......

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