24 December 2008



Keeskennis as quoted by R Kipling.

"If in all the hardship and travails of live, and the shit and the missed shots and the injustice and the bullshit and the socialist quagmire and the blagojevitches of life, you do not lose the humour, you are a man, my son"

But we live in the bloggyworld where links are god, so.

"If in all the hardship and travails of live, and the shit and the missed shots and the injustice and the bullshit (go and vote for him) and the socialist (sorry Stu) quagmire (sorry Mr. Wiman) and the blagojevitches of life, you do not lose the humour, you are a man, my son"

The sonofabitch Kipling could have quoted one of my longer posts, as I would have liked to honour my whole blogroll.

May they laugh and enjoy with us this christmas.


I miss you all.


... indeed, they are missed...... and I was honored to have met two of those departed that you linked...... 

.... have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, sir...... and all the very best to you and yours....

GravatarA Merry Christmas to one of the bright lights of the Bloggy Firmament, Keesie hizzownself. A master of the Afrikaans nonsequitur, link-whore extaordinaire, and a man who can out-Irwin Steve Irwin, especially now that Steve Irwin is dead.

GravatarHope you're having a good holiday, Kees.

GravatarMerry Christmas from the House by the Parkway, where there ain't no gators, crocs or other large disgusting reptiles, except, of course for the politicians.

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