03 March 2008


Libby shows the slackers how

Keesie wondering how Libby achieves so much

By a superior brain and an opposing thumb and a dint of perseverance Libby has shown that an Out Of Context Meme can be fun and instructive.

We Salute her Brain, the opposing thumb she was born with.

Now we wonder?

Uh oh...a meme that actually requires some creative thinking.

Now what do I do?

Elisson Homepage 02.18.08 - 1:24 pm #

clever! I'll give it a shot

hammer Homepage 02.17.08 - 9:07 pm #


By the way, I was NOT sober when I posted that.

Libby Spencer Homepage 03.03.08 - 9:11 pm #

Aw shucks. Thanks for the compliment.

Libby Spencer Homepage 03.03.08 - 9:10 pm #

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