17 February 2008


Taken out of context

A new meme by KeesKennis
To end mindless meme's like "How many warts do you have on your dick/fanny" for evah and evah, amen.
Select as many bloggers as you like, qoute what they have written, out of context, at an imaginary Blogmeet.
Just act as if you are a major reporter from a major member of the Main Stream Media.
your own words to link the peeps should be highlighted.
0r do what you want to
Please start and close your "Overheard" by a quote from Acidman

The name of this meme is:

This one by KeesKennis. (your name here)

Acidman: Well, stupid is as stupid does.
Elisson: I know I tend to repeat myself; it’s an affectation of Advanced Age. But I’ve said it before but here is Fine Metallic Headgear at Bargain Prices! and all people should dress like this!

Mostly Cajun: Let me explain the facts to you, dear people

Eric: ".....Your cat only loves you because you are made of MEAT.... "and therefore only vegans van be trusted, all others should be given a "good punch in the noggin and a kick in the ribs)
(MuNu is Fucked up and this comes from the comments of the SWSloth in his post Meats..... and Lessons ....)

Maeve: I feel like a damn cat in heat right now, I'm so glad that Eric loves me, and I will fuck him six ways to Sunday. (a personal sorry to both Eric and and Maeve and the Eric Mrs.), but a mememe is a meme.

Erica: I take back everything nice I've ever said about you. You are HORRIBLE.
(MuNu is Fucked up and this comes from the comments of the SWSloth in his post Meats..... )

Vman: Fuck you. You abdicated your responsibility

Vman:I think my ..... fart had more soul
Erica: Just another dumb phase I was going through.
Guyk:Look, it really ain't none of my business
Hammer: If you want to do this one let me know and I'll go look at you
Twenty: Oh fuck (This took major reseach), about 00.14 seconds.
Bad Juju: A little secret...women love fireworks.


At this stage all of the bloggers went to to sleep in their rooms, or wherever bloggers go.

This meme calls for peeps that know their way about HTML's, URL's, Fuckwit's, Etc'teras and others, so let the brains be TAGGED or forgotten.

All the peeps on my blogroll is tagged.

You can take Kees out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of Kees

Uh oh...a meme that actually requires some creative thinking. Now what do I do?

Elisson Homepage 02.18.08 - 1:24 pm #

OMG Keesie!

Maeve Homepage 02.18.08 - 9:26 am #
clever! I'll give it a shot

hammer Homepage 02.17.08 - 9:07 pm #

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