23 February 2008


Babes in the woods 2

Number 7 out of 222,000.

If ever you thought that you can do better, give it a miss.
If you think I am a lying dick, click on the header.
or you can go and see one of my better photoshops here.

OK: Confess in the comments whether you clicked on both, I would have.

Another of my photoshops that was ignored was about a witch.

Maeve of course is ONE of those babes that is never in the woods, but is in control, Love Ya baby.

The now exticnt Chikie, our own porn queen said.

I think she should post it like that on her blog!!
Chickie Homepage 03.26.07 - 2:35 am #

This whole post is to say to Maeve, sorry girl, for taking you out of context, OK.

You love Puddi'n and your Eyetie, and I love you (with the Cat's Mothers consent)

I photoshoped this.

From this.

Very clever, doncha t'ink, or is that an astropophy to many?

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