20 May 2006


Blogging is dangerous - My first threatening letter.

I have just received a hand written, hand (paw/claw-ed) delivered letter.

The 18 page scrawled rambling is fuuuull of threats.

I Quote.

"the words, stupid, prehistoric, dumb an even worse "tasty" is all to common in your post.


So all your worldly wisdom will not help you.
You are no better than the small rocks you call pebbles.

Check out this painting by a world famous artist."

I must say that small rock bit got to me.(he actually started hitting the moniter-ed)

All we can say is thanks to this Lollie-Pop and Weightlessness

IIIII'm nnnot scared, lllet them try something here.

From the gate: Sorry Sir do I let the TTO reps in. (Tanzania Tarentaal Orginisation- ed)

ed-ed will post this as KK has other important matters to attend to.
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