20 April 2006


Rock is not as good as Rope

This is the ass end of a monster machine.
It is a BIG rotavator.
Here it is mixing crushed stone with the existing layers, 3.25 m wide and 250 mm deep.

All the talk of stone and ROCK takes me back many, many moons ago.

As a young man in South Africa the english speaking members of our society referred to us, the afrikaans speaking members, as rocks (a short for "rock spider").

Du Toit will confirm this.
This was long before he became "An erudite, conservative intellectual.."

I however had a very ingenious and subtle way of getting them not to do that.

Whenever I was confronted by "you effen ROCK", I would fold myself to the smallest possible target and smile benignly, and say something like this:

I'm very sorry but I beg to differ, I am not a Rock, I am a Rope, let me explain:

I am thick, coarse, hairy and TWISTED !

As I said TWISTED, I would hit the rooinek* (red neck) a telling blow on the ear (mouth)(neck) or make him wish that he had not practiced the bugle sitting down.
(if you do practice the bugle sitting down your testicles becomes inflamed and swollen)

OH we converted a few.

* They were called rooinek because their pale skins glowed pink due to the African sun during the Anglo-Boer war.

I know I am pushing my luck but I think that the K o C B and the Son would enjoy this.

Anonymous said...

Just damn! I thought rednecks were native ONLY in the Deep South of the USA.


Sunday, April 23, 2006 12:39:52 PM

Just damn! I thought rednecks were native ONLY in the Deep South of the USA.


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